When you’re stupid enough to break the routine.

Favourite Toddler Moment of last 24 hours: Waking up to find him on the landing plaing on his rocking cow,  that was propped up behind the sofa and would have had to be completely manoeuvred.

Favourite Baby moment of the last 24 hours: Not getting pooh under my nails.

I’m on my own tonight.  Normally I go and visit my mum, but this week it’s not worked that way so I thought I better bite the bullet and cope on my own, it’s no big deal really a lot of people cope every day on their own, and I even thought the following sentence (so really, everything else I’m about to moan about is my own fault) “oh well, both the boys go to bed so I’ll have a nice evening online shopping and eating junk food with my Mummy Juice”.

Normally the boys are so good, bath, bed, sleep…it’s rare I get a broken bedtime routine…but I made a couple of fatal errors tonight which screwed me over, and meant I ended up eating my waffles and galaxy (not at the same time), to various renditions of twinkle twinkle, along side “NOOO EO GO TO BED, EO SLEEP IN DADDY’S BED…MUMMMAYYYYYYYYYY NO NO NO NO NO”, which of course woke Fat Larry up.  About half an hour ago, we compromised on him having the duvet on the landing and he’s asleep there, with the odd grumble.

It’s totally my own fault.  I picked Theo up earlier from nursery thinking that if I could move the routine forward a bit things would be settled and I could get a kip in between dinner and the dream feed…what a FOOL I am, I know if I try to rush the routine Theo guesses it.  He was hyper when he got home, mental, he didn’t want to watch ITNG while I was sorting Larry so I thought I’d feed Larry second after Theo went to bed, fail. Normally, for as long as I can remember the routine has gone:-

Bath > Milk & TV > Story > Bed with a slight change of Bath > Milk & TV & Feed Larry and put him to bed > Story > Bed.

As a result of swapping Larry around in the routine I have had 2 hours of wailing, shouting, tantruming, stairgate beating, general grumpy over tired two year old.

Now he’s asleep, so I’m going to wait up, feed Larry, try and heave the suddenly 20 stone 2 year old into bed, and hope he stays there all night…although I have a feeling he’s going to end up sleeping in Daddy’s bed with me.  Doh.

Although my lovely friend Anna has sent me a message saying she’s hiding in the bathroom until her little lady goes to sleep, so I don’t feel as bad now!

Bloody kids.



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