When the whole family is sick

Firstly, sorry for radio silence, getting into the swing of family and work life has taken up a bit more time! Must improve on that and not let me rantings fade(!)…however after the “weekend” I have so far  I thought it was perfect to pick up the blog again.

The family is sick.  Boys have conjunctivitis, Matt is and I quote “wrecked” and whenever I try to point out that I may be feeling slightly under the weather too, it is either ignored (children) or favourite quote “how could you possibly feel as bad as me”.  My husband is pretty amazing, however he does not cope well with tiredness or illness.

Yesterday I tried to be sympathetic, however the defensiveness guard was up and the ongoing argument that I believe all men and women have is:-

WOMAN: I know you feel poorly, but could you just watch Larry while I take Theo to football

MAN:  But I’m sooooo poorly, you said you were poorly on Monday you should know how I feel

WOMAN: Yeah, and I was at home on my own with the two kids and you were in Scotland over night

MAN: This isn’t a competition.

What the man means, is it’s not a competition when they know they’re on the losing side and always will be.  Mummies are expected to look after the family come rain or shine, daddies are expected to go to bed and feel sorry for themselves.

Last night’s highlights:

–          Both went to bed at about 9pm

–          Matt promised to do night feed so I could do early get up (no lie in for me this weekend), and we could share any get ups in the night since both kids are ill, Theo adding to conjunctivitis with high temp, and Larry with a cough.  After he fed Larry at 11pm, I ended up getting up straight after that to settle him as Matt never does and was too “shaky”.

–          Larry woke up every hour from 12.30

–          Theo woke up crying until at 3am, I booted Matt onto the sofa and brought Theo into bed with me.

–          4.30am Theo decided he no longer wants to wee in his nappy at night time and wants to wee in potty, spots light on in lounge and wants to spend night with daddy.  Matt and Theo take bed, I take sofa.

–          Larry wakes up coughing and spluttering.

–          I get up at 7am to feed Larry

–          I am up.  Toddler is waking up as I type.

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget that whilst this is all going on, my throat is red and swollen, I hardly have any voice,  and I have a temp (I tested it with the boys ear thermometer, only Theo and I flashed up as red, Matt and Larry were green – a telling clue to who is actually the most ill don’t you think?!).

I don’t mind looking after the family, I don’t mind it all being a little bit pathetic, but I do mind the fact that it’s ALWAYS SO UNEVEN!!!!!

And Breathe.


p.s. I must caveat, he’s actually very good with the boys usually and often is the one to do the majority of getting ready in the mornings, just a wet lettuce as soon as he loses 30mins sleep or has a sniffle.

p.p.s I will have to do retail therapy to feel righted again.

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