W/E: 18/09/2011 – When they drop you in it

In recent weeks and during our holiday it has become more apparent that The Beast takes in more then we initially thought.  In fact, I dread to think what he’s observed that we weren’t aware of.  Recently he’s started dropping us in it a bit, sometimes it’s just dropping each other in it, sometimes it’s feeding snippets back to other people, and sometimes it’s feeding information about other people to us.  I’ve decided to dedicate a regular category and update to these as I have a feeling they’re going to become more and more regular.

FIB – Cake for Breakfast 

It’s Monday morning after a weekend staying at Nan and Grandads’ a plate of toast is placed in front of the beast at breakfast.  He looks up to me and says “I have cake for breakfast – on the sofa”  I respond with “no you dingbat we don’t have breakfast on the sofa do we, and especially not cake!”….”Yes we do…at Nans house”.


Larry knocks over a can of beer which has been left just within reach – Theo comes in and shouts “OI – LARRY – NOT – Don’t be a turd”.

DROP IN – Telling off

After picking him up from school yesterday he looks up at me in front of his teacher and says “I’ve not been naughty today….I don’t need to go in the hall or have my bottom smacked”.

FIB – Gran the abuser

Randomly one day “Gran smacks me”.

DROP IN – Boobs on the beach

I’ve been sunbathing and Matt and Theo have been for a walk down the beach.  Matt and I are chatting about sitting on the beach and playing with his ball and washing hands and digging.  Theo butts in and says “played near that lady” *points* “she has big jubblies”.

DROP IN – Wee in the sink

As per my last blog – he informed Ryanair that he’s had a wee in the toilet sink.

I’m sure there will be more next week.  Please (please please please) share with me so I don’t feel so mortified!


  1. Deborabora

    Yes, I may get frustrated that Callum is a bit behind with his talking but there are benefits. I’m not looking forward to him dropping me in it! The worst he has done so far was in a public toilet (probably Asda so not end of the world) was shout “Mummy doing a poo poo!, Poo poo loclate (chocolate)? Well done mummy!”

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