W/E: 02/10/2011 – When they drop you in it

This weeks drop in is dedicated to a story one of my friends told me at the weekend.  We met for a coffee and cake (I was very good and had a black coffee and no cake *sob*) and I was talking about the “poohing in the pool” explanation. They shared their recent experience of the situation.  We will refer to their daughter as “Ya-Ya”.

This is the conversation between Ya-Ya and my friends mother-in-law as they were upstairs playing in her bedroom, my friend was in the kitchen and could hear Ya-Ya’s side of the conversation.

Ya-Ya – “I can hear my Mummy and Daddy when they’re in their bedroom”.

<quiet response from MIL>

Ya-Ya – “They make noises”

<my friend downstairs freezes>

Ya-Ya – “Mummy makes noises, and daddy makes noises”

<my friend wants to die>

Ya-Ya “My daddy makes this noise *snoring sound*”

<my friend breathes the biggest sigh of relief>

That could have been B.A.D.

To be fair boys haven’t been to bad at the dropping in side of things.  Most comments have been fairly innocent, and not to hard to explain.  In fact, my current favourite is one that I fed back to the owner of nursery/pre-school last week.

FIB – Pre-School Books

Beast: “Mummy, there are no books at pre-school”

Me: “I’m sure there are”

Beast: “No, I think that there’s not.  They’re going to have to buy some”

I told the owner and she was gobsmacked.


DROP-IN Bum holes

During a shared bath Theo was doing some sort of “nymnastics” (gymnastics) and was in a position which gave Larry a view he probably didn’t want.  Matt STUPIDLY said “Theo, Larry doesn’t want to see your bum hole – put it away!”.  It’s now been reported back that Theo now sits on the toilet at Pre-School singing “BUM HOLES BUM HOLES THE TOILET CAN SEE MY BUM HOLE”.

EXAGGERATION –  Mummy wants a baby.

THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID! On a play date last week the mum has a GOREGOUS little girl, and I suggested I’d like to steal her.  Theo came home and told Matt I wanted a baby.  Git.

Short and sweet this week.  Thank GOD.

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