When you get a bit of freedom…

Yay!  We try once a month (at least) to palm off give the grandparents the opportunity to spend some quality time with the boys.  To us this is referred to as “date night”.  It’s usually a Friday or a Saturday, we drop the kids at the outlaws and pick them up/have them dropped back here the next day.

We’re very lucky to have the chance to do this, I know not all of us are lucky enough to be able to have a night to ourselves, so I’m forever grateful!

Enough of the gushy stuff.  It’s DATE NIGHT!! I’m sitting in a TIDY lounge, there are no toys scattered on the floor, I have Classic FM playing and the netbook on my lap.  I’m currently contemplating taking a bath with a Gin & Tonic.  Yeap.  That’s how I role.

As we all know, time on our own is rare.  I don’t need to tell you this.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not sure if Matt and I always make the most of our time.  It’s difficult to say.  There always appears to be so much to do these days, and when you have 2 small loud things climbing around, “helping”, shouting, demanding things.  When you have to work around naps, bottles, tantrums, and Justin’s House, suddenly getting anything done seems impossible!  HOWEVER, when we DO break free, we end up going out for dinner, having a few (loads) drinks, and inevitably coming home and falling asleep, and then not getting much done.  Also, for some reasons, I seem unable to sleep properly when the boys aren’t here, I assume it’s because I have so much alcohol in my blood stream that I end up waking up at 4am wide awake mind racing after a nearly comatosed sleep.

SO tonight we’re doing it differently.  We’re staying in, we’re having a take away, and we’re going to watch a film and be CIVILISED. Yes.  I know.  There will be no fingers crossed that the Beast goes to bed without a UN negotiation regarding the amount of toys he’s taking to bed.  There will be NO dream feed for Fatso. NO Dummy Tennis, there will be NO 6am negotation with bottles before finally giving in at 6.30am feed.  There will be NO breakfast which includes 4 different breakfast cereals and toast toppings.  Oh.  And just FYI anybody who thinks there’s going to be another baby any time soon – there will be NO hanky panky.  Why?  BECAUSE I MISS SLEEP!

In the morning I’m going to send Matthew out for PAPERS while I make coffee and breakfast.  Then I’m going to eat my breakfast WITH BOTH HANDS.  I’m not going to have to scoop weetabix out of my hair/toes or trip over a trail of toys.

We may…drum roll please…go out for lunch on a whim and I WILL ONLY HAVE TO TAKE MY HANDBAG – with only my purse and make-up and hairbrush. OH MY GOLLY GOSH!

So…the big question is – what would you use your free time for? Are we wasting it?! Tell me please!


  1. Deborabora

    I love the phrase ‘hanky panky’ – like nookie lol

    We usually do the go out and get utterly pissed thing so no point asking me (only marginally different to our usual Friday/Saturday of staying in and getting pissed!)

  2. Not Just A Mummy

    now ive read this im envious because i know in a few hours i will be woken (not for the first time during the night) by a toddler scrambling over me using my ribs as a climbing frame.
    hope u had a fab evening 🙂

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