W/E: 16/10/2011 – When they drop you in it

This weeks “drop ins” are are focusing on Obsessions of the Body.  These have all been said in public, and whilst aren’t necessarily moments where I’ve been dropped in it, they have still caused much embarrassment leaving me red faced.


Nursery pick up – The Beast runs towards me I pick him up and give him a hug, I’m chatting to the girls about his day he points to my chin and says “Mummy’s got a big spot…did a tiger do it mummy?”


Chatting to various people when I’ve had a meeting or dared to wear a skirt, The Beast suddenly has an obsession with running under my legs (thanks Nan and Granddad!).  He continuously tries to lift my skirt up saying “THEY WANT TO SEE YOUR KNICKERS MUMMY”.  Neighbours have politely ignored this as I’m chatting outside my house with Fatso in my arms, and a hyper Beast.  Some do a good job and I begin to wonder if they’ve not even heard…others visibly snigger.  Mums at nursery just blatantly laugh.

Boobies, Bras and Nappies

Luckily this is just close friends and family.  Oh and the people in the tampon aisle of the supermarket.  As my jumper slips down my shoulder (should maybe have dressed myself better in the morning)

T: “that’s your bra mummy”

ME: “yeap”

T: “it holds your boobies”

ME: “yeap”

T: “Your Boobies have Nipples…I don’t have boobies but I do have nipples.  Are your boobies big?”

ME: “No.  Now shush I’m busy trying to find something…make Larry laugh please”

T: *pointing at some Always Ultra* There Mummy – there are your nappies! I get them for you *scooping up an industrial sized pack.

Bottoms and Willies

Playing with friends.  “Mummy – Heidi doesn’t have a willy. She’s like you.  She has a bottom….” *pauses to think* “You both have TWO bottoms?” At this point me and my friend are sniggering slightly. “Mummy.  Your bottoms are bigger then Heidis”.


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