When they lie in the middle of the path.

Urgh.  Readers, friends of readers, parenting experts…I need your help.  The Beast has me at the end of my tether because of a lot of things (being 3 is one of them), but most of them I can work my way around, however, there is ONE that I’m stuck on, it’s been going on for ages, and I just don’t see a way round it.

He wont walk anywhere.  Well OK, slight exaggerations, but he doesn’t get very far.

When we’re out and about just me and the boys, I tend to walk off and hide round the corner until he catches up, but even this technique isn’t reliable any more…I’ve tried coaxing, I’ve tried telling off, I’ve tried ignoring, I’ve tried threats, I’ve tried bribes.  But he just sits/lies there until you give in and carry him.

I’m fairly good at holding my ground (see where he gets it?), and when I’m with good friends/family they usually wait it out with me.  But what do you do when you’re out with newly acquired nursery friends?  This is what happened today.

We met at the park on our third play date with his best friend from Pre-School.  I really like the mum, but feel totally inferior (she just appears so natural and in control), and so I quite enjoy the times we’ve met up, except for being on the edge hoping The Beast doesn’t let me down.  He’s not been bad really.  Until today.  We were doing so well, we’d played in the park, we’d fed the ducks, and we’d walked through the woods while the boys pretended to be Spiderman and we chatted with prams.

I was feeling quite chuffed, we were doing well, he even looked appropriately dressed for once (I’d managed  to coax him out of his Buzz Light Year costume and into Jeans, Boots although not wellies – Snow Boots) big coat, gloves and hat.  He’d been nice and polite said please and thank you, but I noticed he was getting slightly irritable, slowing down a bit, fake falling over a lot more.  It was coming…I knew it, we managed to turn around we were heading back to the car…we were going to make it I knew we weren’t.

Suddenly, we both hear “THEOO GET UP” and his friend is shouting at us “WAIT MUMMY WAIT” .  My stomach falls.  He’s lying in the middle of the path, width ways, bikes are going round him and dogs are jumping over him.  We manage to coax him to stand up and keep moving…then it happens again, and again.

I give in and carry him, we’re in a hurry and I feel sorry for the mum, she’s frustrated, but feels sorry for me.  We get to a muddy bit, and so I have to make him walk again, we nearly make it there and then he spots a muddy puddle, he looks at me and he looks at the puddle.  He goes and lies next to it.  In the end I give in and carry him under one arm, we make it past the main bit, pushing Fatso with one hand (who’s shouting at me as he’s refused to nap), he spots loads of puddles, says he’s not tired any more and runs through all the puddles soaking through his snow boots and socks.  He bursts into tears saying he’s cold and tired.

I’m now embarrassed. HOW do I make him walk?  WHAT can I do to make sure he doesn’t just LIE on the floor and not care?

Oh.  And even if I wanted to…he wouldn’t go in a pushchair.


  1. Deborabora

    Just asked Stuart what the turning point was with Callum as he is lots better now. Neither of us really know, its just been gradual. He still asks to be carried (or “shoulders Mummy/Daddy”) all the time but he does walk more or goes in the pushchair willingly when he is tired and we have had enough of carrying him on our shoulders. The only thing I can think of that has changed is that he isn’t buckled into his pushchair any more. Oh, and the one thing that has worked for some weird reason, he likes holding onto the carry handle on the pushchair (maclaren) – for next child I’m going to get one of those buggy straps to hold I think.

    When Callum wasn’t walking at all (laziness not incapable) and wouldn’t go in pushchair, I spoke to the Health Visitor. She just said keep playing games with him, counting blue cars or something or to take something out for him to push but it didn’t really work with C.

    For the lying on the floor thing I usually just stayed calm, laughed at him in a “you are only making a fool out of yourself” way and doing the eye rolls with the passers by and waited patiently (I wasn’t feeling patient but can be a good actress when I want to be!!!). He’d get bored before I did!

    Good luck with it. Do share if you find a trick to it…

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