When it’s Christmas.

I know I’m not renowned for my soppy posts, but ’tis the time of year and all that malarkey.  Christmas has been magic.  Last year was lovely because it was Fatso’s first Christmas and The Beast loved all the presents, but this year, this was AH-MAZE-ING (bar of course the stuff I’m not allowed to talk about as I’m the bad guy)

First the Santa visit went well, then we had a lovely Christmas eve with the Outlaws side of the family, and once they’d all gone, we – as the tradition is in our house – opened our gifts.  I did well. I’d been a good girl.  Then I do believe I MAY have passed out on the sofa and had to be physically dragged and thrown into bed at midnight.  I swear (quoting FRIENDS) it was the pressure of entertaining! 😉


06.30am.  Cool Uncle John was already awake and messaging requests for photos of the kids, I was lying in bed with the feeling I always get when presents are involved.  I was also slightly amazed that I was THAT excited when it wasn’t a present for me.  NONE of the presents under the tree were going to work for me (except for the Lego), but I was hugely hyper.

06.45am – Still no sign of the boys.

07.00am – I’m up, turning on the lights, making a cup of tea, generally banging about.

0.715am – Fatso wakes up (HE NEVER DOES THIS WHEN I WANT HIM TO SLEEP).  Bottle and cuddles.

07.30am – I stomp upstairs and wake The Beast.  Instantly I’ve failed him because his response when I tell him Santa has been was “he’s here?!” and looked genuinely gutted when I said he’s left presents but carried on.

07.45am – He opens his big Buzz Lightyear – I cry.

08.15am – All Santa presents are open and we make a quick breakfast stop before the final tree presents.

09.ooam – I get out of the shower to be caught by a small child saying “OI OI MUMMAY – YOU READY FOR A SONG?” (I wasn’t but this fell into his selective hearing barrier) Thanks Uncle John.

By 11.00am we were on the road to the next part of our Christmas.  We have an amazing day where the boys were good, doted on and behaved in a way that made me proud.  The Beast showed everyone his “faverut” toys and didn’t shut up, Fatso ate most of the turkey and anything else that dared pass in front of him and loved his audience.

Now we are back at home and every day The Beast is asking when his next presents are coming, they’ve also spent the last few days floundering around the lounge with an attention span of 5 minutes (max) per toy.

I have been and swapped presents, I have bought a mass of storage, and I’ve cooked 3 things out of my cook books and been for a run in preparation for my New Years resolutions (be a size 0 by March, don’t bite my nails, become a Millionaire by June), and we are now, as the song would say back to life, back to reality.

We have the Pantomime, then New Years to look forward to at the weekend, then the outlaws are away for a month (not that this pleases me), and I have SO MUCH to tell you, including my thoughts on the Tooth Fairy, Tantrums, Big Boys Beds, being suffocated and School.  BET YOU’RE AT THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS.

Merry Christmas guys x

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