Operation Feel Good – Part One

I’ve made a plan, it’s been brewing for a while but I’ve been putting it off because I’m a creature of habit.  I like my routine, which tends to include “stuff kids in bed and pour a gin/wine” (followed by a glass of cooking wine, a glass of wine with dinner, then a nightcap or two in front of the telly).

However, after catching one thing after the other and generally feeling rubbish, I’ve fallen into a bit of an unhealthy rut, feel crap so eat crap, drink lots, don’t sleep, feel crap etc etc.  As a result I look tired, I keep catching germs from the monsters, and I’ve gained a bit of weight.  Nothing major, but I don’t feel great.  Also, I haven’t run for ages.  As a whole I’m grumpy, tired, short tempered and generally blah.

Therefore, with three weeks until my holiday, I’ve decided to kick start Operation Feel Good.  This isn’t about dieting, or about losing weight (although that’s a plus side), it’s a lifestyle change.  I’m under the impression that if I respect my body a little bit more, it will respect me and a few of my issues (insomnia, achey joints, tired ageing skin) will be minimised.  Again, I don’t expect them to vanish completely, just lessen slightly.

Operation Feel Good has to be realistic, achievable, and something that I can live with, no matter what I’m up to.  So what will I be doing?

Amazingly, given the four paragraph build up I’ve just given it, what I’m going to do isn’t something new and amazing, it’s no Atkins, no Zone, nothing like that.  It’s just common sense, something I sometimes forget about.  First up is less booze, swiftly followed by better carbs, early nights, less sugar and caffeine and melted cheese. I will begin to exercise more, drink more water, eat more food and drink, and as I mentioned before respect my body a little bit more.

I’ve kicked it off today.  Yes I’ve still had a couple of cups of tea, and I’ve had some melted cheese (on my nachos), but I’ve eaten fruit, drunk a lot of water, and whilst I’ve got a glass of Rose next to me, that’s the only one for the night.  I’ll probably have a tonic water with a slice of lime, and many a warm water and lemon.

I’m going to measure my waist, look at my skin, and weigh myself as part of this, along with monitoring my sleep patterns, hormones and see if my headaches get better.  I wont tell you EXACT measurements as I’m far to embarassed.

Wish me luck!


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  1. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    Do you know, I set out with the same plan about this time last year. I don’t do diets which I’m sure won’t come as a huge surprise! Ha! But in all honesty, I’ve never looked back. I eat a bit less, exercise a bit more and I have honestly never felt so good. I’m no where near the slimmest I’ve ever been but I’ve never been as happy. Good luck Aimes! You can so do this and I can’t wait to hear how you get on 🙂

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  2. GT

    Good luck with that. So far my looking after myself regime has involved a couple of beers each night! #fail although I’m loving the salads x

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