A Project Feel Good update

It’s been more then a week since I started cutting back and trying to respect myself a bit more, and do you know what?  I actually do feel good.

I feel light, I feel calm, I feel relaxed.  The things that normally bother me, that get me down, well, they’re not.  I still have the initial impact of negativity, the slump of the shoulders, the sulking, the reflex to go shopping, but somehow I’m shaking my shoulders and holding my head high.  I don’t feel so beaten down.

I look in the mirror, and my skin seems to be improving, and considering the insomnia is still here,  I don’t look as exhausted as usual.  I’ve lost 2lbs and 1.5inches from my wobbly belly, my make up is staying on longer and I have a bounce in my step.  Plus, there are areas of improvement which are not fit to blog about.

I know, it sounds like an over chirpy promotion to quit drinking doesn’t it?  It’s not all plain sailing.  It’s breaking a habit, one which has been instilled in me for years.   Like I say, I can’t sleep, my mind is buzzing, my body aching in a way that shows it still needs to wind down.  If I’m asleep before 2am right now I’m lucky.  But I still feel better then when I woke up after an alcohol induced sleep.

I’m still short tempered, and after a full day with the children I still could murder a few gins and a bottle of wine stiff drink, and perhaps I’m supplementing booze with Malteasers.

Now it’s Friday night, the children were wild, I’ve had a hectic week, and I’m so tempted to more than a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate the long weekend and go along side my curry (Rogan if anybody is interested) but feel surprisingly guilty.

One day at a time.

P.S. I went for that run – 2.25m in 21mins not amazing, but a start.



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  1. Jordan

    Erm…. no, lets not!

    Seriously – well done, thats great that you’ve seen (and felt) an improvement so quickly. Its fab.
    Hope the good mood (and good going) continue


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