Skincare Love

I’ve always been complimented on my skin, and I’m always surprised by it.  Partly because I always think I look haggard, but partly because even though I love skin care,  I’m a little bit lazy.

I’m not lazy when it comes to product selection, In fact I’m a bit of a tart when it comes to flitting.  Whilst I’ve always been pretty loyal to my favourite brands, especially when it comes to Skincare and Foundation, our relationships only tend to last a year or so and then something happens which makes me move onto somebody else.  I guess that’s another reason I cancelled my Glossybox.  I felt like I was cheating on my favourite brand.

It was around Christmas time when I discovered that the spots – I’d  never had proper spots until that month when I was 29 – were down to the fact that my chin and the Elemis Skincare range had decided to fall out.  I went from glowing skin to spotty.  I’d initially put it down a to variety of reasons including stress and stuffing ones face (and perhaps not enough water – you can never drink too much water to help your skin), but when I ran out of the cleanser before I’d got ’round to replacing it (don’t you hate it when that happens?), I stopped using it and the spots vanished.

Before Elemis I’d been a loyal user of Clinque, Clarins, Shisedo, Clarins, Simple and now my hero the b.right radiant skincare range by Benefit.



I love it. It doesn’t smell of anything, it doesn’t feel harsh, the eye gel is fab, and it just ROCKS.  I can also say, having a skin which leans towards being dry, the emulsion is amazing.

It’s also helped me get over my excuses, when it comes to a lazy routine. In the morning I’m fine.  Every morning I’ll go through the motions, I even enjoy it, feel fresh and invigorated for the day, but it’s bedtime I have the problem.  I try so so hard to take my make up off before bed, but I’m rubbish.  I don’t like to do it until after dinner for some reason, I guess in case the door goes and I don’t want the neighbours to see JUST HOW BAD I LOOK.    Then I just collapse into bed.  Plus, I was convinced it actually used to make my skin feel greasy.  However, these days I have no such excuse, I just wake up with soft feeling skin.

Price wise, well personally I say “You can’t put a prize on feeling good about yourself” However, Mr Aimee has a different opinion.  Being naturally gorgeous (git) he has happily suggested the old “soap and water” method many a time, only to be met with a scowl which cannot be good for my frown lines.

Therefore, if I’m getting away with spending on it (no no no I DON’T hide it amongst the nappy pricing in my Boots on-line shop that would be WRONG), it’s not too bad value for money.  At about £16.50 for the Cleanser, £23.50 for Toning Lotion and Eye cream, and £26.50 for moisturiser I’d say it flits around the Clarins mark probably.

Plus.  The packaging matches my bathroom.  Just saying.


 This was not a sponsored post.  I’m just a skincare addict.


  1. Jordan

    I didn’t even know that Benefit did a skincare range, but now I do, I’m off to investigate it!

    I have no skincare routine – I’m rubbish. I’m 30 now though & think perhaps that I should…..

  2. Honest Mum

    Looks lovely-didn’t realise Benefit did skincare. I am a Creme de la Mer addict (which is madly expensive but so worth it). When I started using it people would stop me in the street and compliment my skin. I’ve not had any sickness with this pregnancy but my skin isn’t great so I’m saving pennies to keep Creme de la Mer stocked up.

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