Denim is GOD.

I know, this has been going on for a while, but I just feel that now is the right time to blog about it. I LOVE DENIM.  No, I’m not just talking about THAT Levi’s advert (although it may have started my love affair at an earlier than appropriate age)

I may have had a brief lull in my denim wearing days, however  I have finally got over my fear of jeans (muffin tops), and have embraced denim into my life with open arms.  Filling my wardrobe with multi coloured jeans, denim jackets, waistcoats, skirts, shorts, shirts and even shoes.   Sadly, Levis haven’t been able to squeeze into my wardrobe since I was a teenager, as I seem unable to squeeze into them. Which is a shame as I do love them, simply for the string of 90’s adverts.

I just can’t help it – WHEN is there a situation where you can’t sneak in a bit of durable, dirt disguising denim?  As a mother it’s perfect for just requiring a quick dab of a baby wipe to remove it from your knee, as a worker a denim shirt tucked into a a black tulip skirt makes you look cool yet smart, when you’re on holiday denim shorts are PERFECT to pull on when you need to pop from the beach to a bar for a quick bit of tapas and a G&T.

Question: What are you going to wear tonight?

Answer: Skinny Jeans, heels and a cute top.

Question: What are you going to wear to that meeting?

Answer: Black dress, nude heels and denim jacket.

Question: What are you going to wear to lunch?

Answer: Bootcut Jeans, Cowboy Boots, Shirt.

In case you hadn’t already guessed from this post – DENIM IS GOD.

So what are some of my favourite denim pieces I hear you ask (you are asking, even if you don’t realise it yet).

Skinny Jeans – French Connection Tiffany Skinny Jeans

Whilst I have a million pairs of skinny jeans in multiple colours (we’re talking about 11 pairs), from a variety of places (Next, Primark, Earnest Sewn, TK Max the list is endless), my fave are these fantastic ones from French Connection.  Because of my tummy I tend to have a bit of a zip issue, and these are one of the few pairs that actually don’t fly low at random intervals throughout the day.  They wash well, both colour and fit wise and don’t dig in and leave an imprint on me like most others do.

Denim Jacket – NEW LOOK

Whilst I ADORE my friend Anna’s denim jacket which I’ve been stealing for about 2 years now (It was from Top Shop), I decided it would be better to get one of my own, I think she was starting to get grumpy about it, so I bought this little baby from New Look.  It’s from the teens section so fits me really well.  I also have a white denim jacket from Next which is good but has a tendency to get bronzer on the collar.

Denim Shirt – River Island

LOVE this Denim shirt.  I’ve been after one for ages, tried on numerous ones but none seemed to feel or fit quite right.  Finally I came across this one, enough depth to look good quality, but not so much that it looks over the top.  I usually team it with my skinny jeans and flats, or sometimes black linen shorts (if the weather gets ANY better).


Yes that’s right, I’m a fan of DOUBLE Denim.  Well, are you really surprised?   What could be better then one piece of Denim? LOADS OF DENIM.

Bootcut Jeans – Diesel

I actually got my jeans from Ebay, so these probably aren’t quite THE ones.  I got them after I’d had Larry and bought them to use as a target to slim down – I didn’t dare buy them new because otherwise if I didn’t make target I’d be even more gutted.  Now I ADORE them.  Perfect with my denim trainers, or my cowboy boots, good for the winter as fit well wit Mac.  Another good fit, although I do need to hide the old muffin tops from time to time.


I haven’t even got started on coloured jeans, I feel I may have to review them all, especially with the all the shops throwing the amazing pastel ones in my face – I may just HAVE to buy a few, to help you all make a proper decision of course.

What are your favourite bits of denim?  Do you live in it?  Are you loyal to a brand or a denim whore?




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