Barefaced Cheek.

Whilst I wont leave the house without make up EVER, one of my favourite essentials is my stain.  Sometimes, no matter how tired you look, how red your nose is, how fed up you are, a bit of colour in your cheeks and a little light on the cheek bones (I DO HAVE SOME SOMEWHERE) makes all the difference.

It seems that some of my favourite celebrities have been following my lead *ahem* and going with the pink natural looking cheek with a bit of a highlighter to accentuate the cheekbones.

Whether it’s Kate, Cheryl, Michelle, Emma, JLO, Kimbers, Elle, they all have a healthy glow about them, and YES, whilst I’m sure a lot of it is down to their hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of beauty products, you can’t help but feel that they are displaying the look of somebody who has been for a long country walk in the autumn leaves before heading into the local pub for Sunday lunch.

In a vain attempt to replicate that look, without having to go out and do the walking thing, I’ve tried a few stains currently out there…



…after all, you may need one for the make up bag, the make up in your bedroom, one to keep in your coat pocket, one to keep in the car.  What?  I’m not the only person who does that am I?

Everybody who’s anybody knows about Benetint.  A great stain which can be quite bold on your cheeks (and lips), but can also be a bit more delicate.  I love the texture, although if I use my fingers to rub it in, I can sometimes look like I’ve committed a crime.

For me, Posietint is probably my favourite.  I love the gel texture of it, and it seems to last a lot longer because of it.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a girlie girl, but it’s a softer edge to it, and I think gives me a naturally rosie glow.

When my friend told me that Poundland stocked Chit Chat cheek tint, I popped in for a look.  Cheek tint modelled on Benetint – for a £1?  PERFECT.  Apart from when the bottle broke in half when I was doing the lid up, the actual stain isn’t too bad.  It’s not as strong as benetint from what I can tell, but that’s not necessarily bad.  It’s a good emergency back up when you run out of posietint.

I got given a couple of tubes of the Body Shop cheek stain.  It’s good, probably a thicker consistancy then the Poundland version, but oh my god, the application is a NIGHTMARE.  Putting it on over the top of foundation as I do every morning means that the lipgloss style applicator gets clogged up with the foundation on my cheek, and I get the impression I’m not rubbing it into my cheeks, just back and forth across.  In fact, it’s probably my least favourite.

Right now, I’m going to go and reapply a touch of colour to my naked tired cheeks and go and collect the children, pretending to be the vibrant, competent yummy mummy that I’m not.



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