A MeMe – How your child sees you.

A week or so ago the lovely Claire tagged me in a MeMe.  I don’t tend to get round to joining in with these, but since it’s been around for so long (2009) I thought it would be a good one to join in with.

All I have to do is have my child draw a portrait of me.  Simple you say? No. Not at all. The Beast HATES drawing and writing.  In true pushy mummy fashion I had to bribe him with a black spiderman suit to practice and achieve name writing status before he started school.

However, this morning, after a falling out over spilt milk (4 pints), he was feeling subdued enough to get his Spiderman pencil case out and draw a picture.  Well actually he drew two.  Happy Mummy and Angry Mummy.  I’m personally quite scared of Angry Mummy – I’d do what I said! #justsaying.



I also like the fact that I’m just plain brown.  I like to think it’s because he thinks I’m a natural earth mother, however, I think it’s because he couldn’t be bothered to think beyond eyes, nose, mouth and web shooting fingers.

I’n going to tag Debbie, DeeDee and Charlotte.


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