Christmas Preparation

I love Christmas. LOVE IT. I love it so much we got married in December, and now that the boys are getting older it’s only getting more magical.

Saying that, I’m a bit bah-humbug when it comes to going out and about for Christmas dinner, but only because I love spending time at home with the boys during the present receiving festive season.  I know, I’m as surprised as you are!

This year it’s especially exciting as I’m hosting dinner for the majority of the family; I’m about to feed ELEVEN people. So obviously I want to make it special, plus in typical Aimee style, I want to stand out as the hostess with the mostess (Monica much?).  Therefore I’m frantically sourcing bits to make the table look festive, hoping to disguise the fact that half our guests will be sitting on the patio furniture.

As a family we have our little traditions, ones which started when we were just a couple which we brought from our own childhood, and I’m now so excited that they’re part of my boys childhood (spiked icing Christmas cake being one of them).

Image from google
Image from google

Decorations always go up the week before Christmas.  We make a big deal of going and choosing the tree, standing in the cold holding them up and analysing the fatness and needles, then spend the day decorating it listening to Christmas songs, drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies.  I even turn my control freak nature down a notch and let the monkeys have a go at putting decorations on the tree (under close supervision).

I'm not sure either boys were as IN to tree shopping as me last year...
I’m not sure either boys were as IN to tree shopping as me last year…

I’m quite picky with decorations (NO TINSEL), so when the lovely people at Bosch Power Tools told me about their wicked Gingerbread Man decorations I was a little concerned (the boys homemade decorations sit nicely at the BACK of the tree). HOWEVER, I think they’re rather cute.  You can see their really easy DIY tutorial here to help you create one.  You can also check out tips on their facebook page here.

Bosch Gingerbread Men
Bosch Gingerbread Men

How are you decorating your table this Christmas Day?





This is a sponsored post, but I am really feeding 11 people HELP!



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