A quick thank you

Yesterday, I was feeling low about a few things (lack of sleep and carbs does this to a girl), so when I discovered that I’d been nominated for a few categories (one being best writer) in the MAD blog awards I was cheered slightly.  Think of the buzz you get when you eat a box of Malteasers in one sitting…that’s not just me right?

ANYWAY.  Can I just say thanks to whoever put my name forward.  It means a lot, REALLY.  Because, whilst I write this blog a lot for myself, to translate my frustrations of motherhood into something lighthearted, to remind myself to see the funny side of being told that I have two bottoms, that my singing sounds like a parrot, that my nice wallpaper has CEMENT (weetabix) splattered up it, and that I can’t go to the toilet with the seat without an audience…I also want to make other people laugh, to ensure they realise that they’re not alone, that we’re all in this together, and most importantly, it’s ok to admit it’s hard.

MAD Blog Awards

So thanks for the noms chums (however, next time, sending booze and chocolate through the post would be great).


  1. PhotoPuddle

    I’ve only just discovered your blog but have enjoyed having a read of it. I can see why you’ve been nominated.
    By the way I’ve tried to subscribe / follow your blog but it’s not letting me for some reason. Don’t know if it’s a problem your end or mine x x

    1. Post

      Oh thank you so much!!! And yes, it was broken (god knows how long for I’m rubbish) but I’ve fixed it now, thanks for telling me xxx

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