Getting away from the cold.

It’s cold.

I realise I’m quite repetitive with the beginnings of my blogs this time of year.  You see, the thing is, I’m just not very good at winter.  I’m not denying that snow isn’t very pretty, nor that it’s not fun to go for the odd bracing walk, build a snowman and take in the fresh air, but when all’s said and done, I would trade that all in to feel the sun on my skin, and some heat in my bones.  Plus, you all know I’m a holiday addict.

Therefore, in the winter as a family we tend to get holiday fever, even The Beast claims to “HATE” the snow because it makes him “FREEZING” and all he wants is to wear his shorts.

We try to break our holidays into two, family holidays and couples breaks.  I’m very fortunate that both Mr. Aimee and I are happy to book a few days off and chose a last minute deal, often scouring in our lunch hours for that perfect last minute holiday; we don’t care where we go, as long as it’s hot and quiet.

This year, the two of us are going on holiday to Tenerife for three nights.  Oh, we’re going on Saturday by the way.  Just to make you really hate me.  Sun, Sea, All inclusive food, drink and sleep.

With regards to family holidays, we’re away with the outlaws in half term (will we all live to tell the tale?!) but are still on the hunt for something before The Beast returns to school in September.  Somewhere warm but where the flights aren’t ridiculous, somewhere with a safe beach, a secure pool, and a bucket of sangria.  Any ideas?

Where’s your favourite place to go as a family?  What do you look for in a holiday?


This is a sponsored post.  But I still do love holidays.


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