Somehow last week I lost my eyeliner.

I’m not sure what happened, one morning I popped it on, and my eyes were no longer looked sunken and tired, I was ready to fight another day.  The next morning, after a particularly trying night with The Chunky Monkey, I went to do the same, it wasn’t there. I rifled through my survival box, I rummaged under the bed, and emptied the shelves in the bathroom.

My Benefit BADgal was gone.

My Favourite Eyeliner in the world. (Image courtesy of company.co.uk)
My Favourite Eyeliner in the world.
(Image courtesy of company.co.uk)

In a hurry I ran to my back up make up basket – we all have one of those right? With products we’ve bought, not liked, but not wanted to throw away “just incase”?



I found this Clarins eyeliner.  One I’ve bought a couple of times, but never liked.

Not this actual one. But the style.

I’m not the only one to be disappointed with Clarins eyeliners am I?

About eight years ago I was a Clarins lover, every make-up and skin product I had was Clarins, but even back then the eyeliner just didn’t seem “right”.  Fast forward to now, and I’ve remembered why I tossed the one I bought last year – out of nostalgia – into the basket of doom.  It’s flakey, whenever I sharpen it I seem to almost get splinter in my eye, it doesn’t seem to stay on and it just feels hard and stabby. NOT what’s good for an eyeliner!

It’s been a particularly hectic week, so I’ve not had chance to get into town to replace my BADgal, my Clarins was just making my eyes red and sore, and resorting to black eye shadow just isn’t smart when you have to apply make up with somebody pulling you by your belt loop to re-build a track they have taken apart for the sole purpose of having you rebuild it.

So when I was in Sainsbogs I ran to their make up aisle in desperation .  The selection was poor, all skinny little things that are hard and pointy.  Then I found this, and I have a new love…BADGirl without the price tag.


Maybelline Smokey
Maybelline Smoky

Maybelline Master Smoky.  It’s soft, it’s chunky, and I quite like the little smudgy bit on the end, it means that it actually ends up looking more natural as my makeup doesn’t look as intense, but don’t worry, it’s not boring and “natural” all the time, last night I may have been a tad grumpy, so decided to pick myself up, and while I my fantabulous dinner was cooking away on the hob (to be blogged another day when I’m not chasing my tail), I may have nipped upstairs and given myself a little bit of smokey eye. It worked SO SO well.  I would have showed you, but well, I’m never going to get that close up on a photo.

What about you? What’s your favourite eyeliner?

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