What holidaymakers in Europe should know about each country’s driving laws

I regularly go on holiday to Europe. In my time, I’ve visited France, Germany, Spain, Italy and parts of Scandinavia, and have lots of great memories from each trip, especially when I’ve been driving. Something I was aware of is that driving laws vary from country to country, but I recently learned that a few of them are pretty far-fetched!


As this infographic from Autoweb shows, there are some laws which seem reasonable, but others that make you wonder whether they’re effective. The rule in France, for example, where you must have a breathalyzer on board seems strange, especially when the police who might think you’re drink-driving could have one of their own with them!

In Germany, I didn’t realise that you had to be a certain distance away from the car in front at all times, even in a traffic jam. Perhaps next time I visit, I should just use public transport to save me the trouble of getting fined.


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