When you’re in a cave.

Ok, here’s the deal.  I have just checked and I have about 15 unfinished blogs in my draft folder.  They’re all approximately 3 paragraphs long, and all mean a lot to me, but I can’t finish them or focus on them because I am distracted.

Not only do I have work, and two children, one with end-of-term-itis (meaning mardy little toad), but I am slightly absorbed in my main project, my next book.  After some amazing advice from somebody who took the time to talk to me recently, I am going through a total re-write, and am loving it.

However, that means I can’t focus on Pass the Gin as much right now.  This isn’t a dramatic “good bye” message.  It’s just a “I’m sorry I’m a bit shit right now, but I will be posting properly again as soon as I can get out of my characters brains”.

Hope you’re all good, and remember to connect via Twitter/Facebook/Email so you don’t miss out on my next thrilling instalment of my children trashing my house.  It will come as soon as I can drag myself out of my writing cave and have come up for air.  Hopefully after completing my first draft xx


  1. wagonmaster1

    I am in the exact same boat with my blog. I have about 8 unfinished really good pieces and I can’t get around to them. But we are both doing other things and that is good, ugh. I do miss my blog and will miss yours while it’s gone. I look forward to your book and tweets!! xx

    1. Post

      Thank you mrs xxx It’s hard when you’re doing so much something has to give, but I will miss my blog.

      Same with you, love your blog, always happy when a post does land in my inbox x

  2. Honestmum

    Ooh exciting and don’t apologise, it’s good to focus and when it comes to creatively you simply can’t give all your literary babies the same attention. Excited to read your next book xx

    1. Post

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