When YOU need time out.

I’m tired.

Being a mum is pretty exhausting isn’t it?  Just as, whatever your situation, it’s loud, happy, sad, fulfilling, infuriating and constant 24/7.

Even though I work from home, I was finding it very difficult to switch off, and the summer holidays drove things into overdrive.  Being in the house submerged in either children, housework or an increasing to do list was suffocating.  My phone was constantly to hand, as was the computer every time I heard the email alert noise coming from the study, the instant messenger ping, and then, when the day slowed down and nearly stopped, I had to prepare it all again.

I was never shutting off, like, never.  I wasn’t reading, I wasn’t painting my nails, whilst watching TV my thumb on phone was working furiously tapping away.

Even when the children were sleeping, I wasn’t, mind planning and worrying about fitting it all in.

Something had to give.

So I got a bit selfish, and started clawing back some time away from it all.  A time, where even if it’s just for an hour a week, I get to shut off.  My work email is now off my phone, I have a new strict timetable, and the study door shuts at 3pm and re-opens in the morning.

Then last week, I pushed it the extra mile, I got some time away from it all.  I had the whole morning off.

By the way, by “morning off” I don’t mean nipping to Next to buy new school trousers, or Sainsbogs to buy jogging bottoms and pants for potty training like I usually do (that used to be taking a break!), I mean proper self indulgent, switch off and open my eyes, time off.

I had a been invited by the lovely Danielle at Therapi intuitive beauty & wellbeing – a new  Holistic Therapy & beauty business, which is located in The Terrace in Lincoln – to come and check out her new digs and have a facial.  I think she’d been following my twitter feed and sensed that I was on the edge.

Anyway, that was booked in at 11.15am, and at the same time I was arranging that my friend and I decided to meet for a coffee.  This friend is very understanding, we often plan to meet then I suddenly feel overwhelmed with work so I put her off because I’m too busy.  But this time that wasn’t going to happen, I needed to give my brain a break, so we met at Café Portico (also located in The Terrace) for breakfast (a lovely coffee and cheeky sausage sandwich).

After that I skipped on down to see Danielle, and came out feeling rejuvenated!

I’ve only ever had facials when I’ve gone on spa visits, never been to a beauty salon (that too busy thing getting in the way again), and so I wasn’t sure how I’d be going somewhere, parking up then heading straight home, would the experience be as relaxing?  Would the lack of make up and the walk to the car bother me? Would my lack of make up and walk to the car bother other people!?! Would it be awkward somebody doing my face I only really know through Twitter?

These were the slightly vain questions I asked myself as I made my way to my treatment.

I needn’t have worried, as the door opened the lush smells of scented candles (NOT POO!) drew me in along with a nice feeling of calm.

I had the luxury 1 hour facial (rate card below) and it included a hand and arm massage.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the hour went by, we chatted abit which wasn’t awkward at all, and she worked away on my appalling skin (once so good a million break outs and bags were making me look like I had leprosy or something, I was amazed she didn’t back away when I walked in).


When it was over I sat up and felt all fuzzy and warm, that feeling after a really relaxing hot bath, a glass of wine, where you’re snuggled in a fluffy white bathroom ready for a long uninterrupted nights sleep where you can wake up naturally.  Not that I’ve felt like that for a LONG time.

I said my goodbyes (treating myself to a cheeky nail varnish on the way!) and reluctantly left my little enclosed room of peace and relaxation.

The sun was shining when I came out, and even though my face was naked I never leave the house with a naked face not even to put the bins out I nearly bounced to the car.

The afternoon I replied to more emails then I have in a long time, I was quick, efficient and when I picked the children up there were no tears, tantrums or arguments.  I was chilled so they were chilled.

So all in all, I have to reluctantly say, gin doesn’t always solve everything, perhaps a little time away from the day-to-day life and a little treat do that for you.

If you’re a mum in Lincoln, I’d thoroughly recommend you get in touch with Danielle.  I had a lovely treatment, I think her prices are very reasonable, and she offers a huge variety of therapies with her soul purpose of wanting her clients to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Especially as this month is refer a friend month if you quote my blog when booking not only will you get a £5 discount but I will get £5 off my next treatment too!


Danielle kindly gave me my treatment for free in return for my opinion, which is, as always, honest.


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