When Potty Training Isn’t Working.

So we all know I’ve not been looking forward to the potty training stage, we know I’m not good with poo and smells, and I was not at all secretly  relieved when the Chunky Monkey showed a massive lack in enthusiasm about it all.

Second child ’round and I’m fairly laid back about the lack of progression, even though the judgement brigade has started to make itself heard. I’ve seen the eyebrows raised when they see a flash of a nappy, I’ve had people ask him “are you not a big boy? aren’t you going to wear pants” I have people checking from time to time to see, but to be honest, I don’t care.  I was (and still am) sitting firmly in the camp of “you don’t see them going off to university in nappies” I’m more concerned that he will grow up never eating fruit or vegetables.  He’ll use the toilet when he’s ready.

Then one day out of the blue he refused to wear a nappy, he wanted to wear pants.  You know, on a day I really needed to not be asking every 20 seconds “do you need a wee?”.


But I did as they always say you should do and “followed his lead” (to be fair this usually takes me to McDonalds so I can’t complain too much!).  ANYWAY, Day One started really well, no accidents and a massive wee and poo on the potty (I didn’t even throw up in my mouth when I had to tip it down the toilet) and we went out and about TWICE.  Then at 2pm we had a few accidents.  No big deal I thought, it’s only day one.

Since Day One I have since come to the conclusion that it was in fact a fluke, however we persevered, and so with mixed results at nursery and limited success at home, I decided to wait and see how we got on while we were on holiday.  I was optimistic, I thought running around in the sunshine with nothing or very little on would just tip us over the blip into full blown positives.  I was wrong.  I’ve become disheartened.

Don’t be defeatist I can hear you shout at the screen These things take time! Yes, they do, but I think below has made the decision for me.

Number of times The Chunky Monkey Wee’d in the toilet


Places where The Chunky Monkey wee’d on holiday.

  1. Next to the sandpit
  2. On the sandpit
  3. On the lounge floor
  4. On the sofa
  5. By the outside table (x 2)
  6. In the pool (numerous times)
  7. On the side of the pool
  8. In TO the pool (standing and aiming from the side)
  9. On the bathroom floor
  10. On the bedroom floor
  11. In the hall
  12. Through the outside chair onto the patio whilst eating pizza
  13. In the sea
  14. On the beach

Number of Poo’s in the Swimming Pool



I think we’re going to give it a few weeks.

Pass the gin.




  1. wagonmaster1j

    Teddy wasn’t into it either. Didn’t happen until a a few month into his 3rd year. Ugh.
    I think I let hm sit in it for a while once, that wasn’t too pleasant and did the trick. Hang in there.
    You should get wipes sponsorship 🙂

  2. jripatti

    I am attempting potty training with my little boy right now and I have a newborn. Not highly recommended. But I feel your pain and empathize with you as i too have received the eyebrows raised, comments, and glares. If he isn’t ready, he isn’t ready. I agree with you they won’t go to college in diapers. hahaha I am stearing clear till my newborn is at least down breastfeeding. The two combos are way too much for me. I definitely would need some gin if I continued.

      1. jripatti

        more than I would like to describe. haha We are trucking along as best we can. Potty training on hold at the moment. About to post a separate blog on my first experience with it.

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