When it’s about mud.

You know what.  Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for.  Her obsession with bloody muddy puddles has slowly but surely infiltrated my day-to-day life, especially this time of year.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of puddle jumping as much as the next gal, after all it gave me the perfect excuse to buy these beauties…

Mine are the red ones obvs – they match my kitchen.


Like I say, I enjoy a bit of puddle jumping, when it’s strategically planned and everyone is dressed in the appropriate waterproof clothes.  Oh don’t look at me like that, are you really surprised that I like to pre-plan puddle jumping?  It’s not that I’m OCD about mud and water (I am), but with a child like The Chunky Monkey if you don’t take the time to ensure that he is dressed like this…

All ready for some serious jumping

…this would be a lot more annoying.


The park, and the far left of our back garden (near the play house and see-saw) seem to gather water and puddles for far longer than anywhere else.  You think everywhere is dry, you think that wellies will capture the bit of the muddy grass, but actually, little pools of muddy, sandy, peaty water reside, right in the eyeline of a three year old who has been BRAIN WASHED into thinking that IT DOESN’T MATTER.

It doesn’t matter! I hear you say.  (As I catch a sharp breath and attempt not to hyperventilate).

But to me it does, not only do I not want to have to clear grubby foot prints off the back of the drivers seat, bum prints on my wall paper as the child legs it through the hall (leaving another muddy trail his wake) as I remove my own wellies, but I don’t want my grass to look like my neighbours.

photo (17)
All it takes is one frantic game of football to do this to your grass!

 Because we’re quite near the woods our grass can take a lot of hard work to maintain, what with the roots of trees sucking away some of the goodness, leaves falling and going manky, and then moss and the heat eating away at it, we’ve even considered looking into an alternative such as Artificial Grass from NAM Grass.   Just imagine Mr Aimee…all that money we could save on Moss Killer and grass seed (AND TIME! YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TO MOW IT WE COULD JUST DRINK GIN IN  THE GARDEN AND LOOK AT IT!)

I might even suggest it to the local park too to avoid all mud infringing on the majority of the months of the year…and my cream carpets.

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  1. Honest Mum

    HAHHA! I’m the same.

    Maybe we need to conjure up some kind of throw away onesie for puddle jumping that is discarded before kids get back into the car post puddle activity.

    Peter is obsessive about my car being and staying clean too and there’s always muddy footprints on the back of the seats before car wash time. Roll on the summer or moving to LA!

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