When you need a bit of SPRING in your step.

Just so you know, when I write this blog, I would like you to think I am wearing cool jeans, cool tops, and bouncing about in my house looking, well, cool.

But the truth of the matter is that actually I’m probably wearing a onesie and sitting next to my fan heater in an act of “heating-gate” rebellion.

You see, whilst I appreciate the fact that heating the house for just one person isn’t always the most economical option, I’m not just one person, I am the most important person in the family.

ANYWAY.  Ten years of marriage and I’ve never won the argument, and the thermostat is a bit out of reach so I can’t easily override it, I’d given in to it, and turned my study into a dark little hot hole, eating my Alphabites salad at my desk, and a flask of coffee on the window sill to avoid going out into the arctic conditions of the kitchen.

But by doing so, I realised I was getting a *touch* grumpy, a lot messy, and perhaps a little bit stinky, so when I was asked if I would like to have some flowers delivered, I decided to give myself a kick up the bum, and make my study a more enjoyable habitat to work in.

You see, I LOVE flowers. LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers, and I think that they can not alter the appearance of a room, but also the mood.

So that day I took a much needed trip to paperchase and picked up essentials (new note pad, new pen pot and matching box folder, plus a totally awesome gel pen…oh and some washi tape which I need to decide how to use), I sorted out my paperwork, filed it nicely in my nice new floral folder, and took away the mugs and bowls.  Then the next day some BEAUTIFUL flowers from Designer Flowers came.


I’d asked for the ‘florist’s choice’ because I always like a bit of a surprise, and I was so chuffed when what turned up was bright and bold, and full of the joys of spring. JUST what I needed.

I was out at the time, but they’d left a card so The Chunk and I went to get them, then I practically skipped down the street, even though it was raining a little bit, and unwrapped them to find them in a lovely vase too IN PURPLE. It was as if they KNEW (that my study was purple), so I bounded upstairs and placed them proudly on my window sill next to my desk.

Now, considering all my good intentions, the one thing I just haven’t been able to bring myself to ditch has been the fan heater – I’m sorry i can’t type in three jumpers, scarf and gloves, I just can’t do it, so I was a little bit worried about how the flowers would cope in my little oven, but surprisingly they’ve done really well.

The little roses were the first to go…but then roses do, but this photo here of this germini (I think it’s a germini or is it a gerbera?) was taken today, two weeks to the day I received my flowers, so all in all pretty good don’t you think?

photo (20)In fact, the only problem I (Matt) can honestly point out is that I love how my window looks with flowers on, so I’m going to have to keep buying flowers to go in them.

Unless somebody wants to buy them for me as a gesture of appreciation. *looks at Mr Aimee*.

Thought not. I suppose I’ll just settle for my pen pot.

photo (22)

I kindly received flowers from Designer Flowers for the purpose of the review, however, all views are my own, and who can argue with one flowers still being a live two weeks later?

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