When you know you’re tired.

Book releases, homework, attempting to eat healthily (and failing), NEW JACK BAUER and a child who still doesn’t sleep are taking their toll. Normally I attempt to keep up my excellent barely there parenting standards with a smile on my face, but the last few weeks I’ve noticed that some things may have slipped.


1. I don’t argue when they ask for “chocolate cheerios, then chocolate toast and then cheerios in a bag” for breakfast. In fact, I’m quite pleased they’ve made the decision for me.

2. I have three sugars in my tea.

3. I have totally forgotten about this weeks homework. – I will tweet apology to teacher so she doesn’t have to see my eye-bags in the morning.

4. Meals for the week have consisted of beans on toast, tomato soup, pasta, fish fingers and beans, tomato soup, beans on toast.

5. I will wear sunglasses on the school run – even if it’s raining.

6. When The Chunky Monkey wakes me up at 3am to tell me his nappy has exploded and his bed is wet, I let him cuddle up with me in my bed – wee and all – because I can’t be arsed to strip bed and find new pjs etc.

7. I drink wine when the kids are in bed instead of a G&T because mixing a drink is too much hassle.

8. I forget to turn the washing machine on, so at 7:23am am frantically scrubbing bean juice and snot off school jumpers.

9. I call my children “hey you!” “Oi..” “err..what’s your name? Number 1…”

10. I set the Tassimo up next to my desk.

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