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When you love the little things.


I’m rubbish at joining in at this every week, but when I find the time I will do! Here’s this weeks “Love the little things” hosted by But Why Mummy Why.


I downloaded Sarah Painter’s second book The Secret of Ghosts as soon as it came out. I loved her first book and so was very excited to read the sequel. However, I still had a few books left to finish so it fell down the list. I started reading it again the other day while The Beast was off sick, and have to say it’s just as magic go download it now!

Click to download!

Oh – and because right now I seem to drop it into posts where I can – I’ve been reading some fantastic reviews. If you’ve read Dottie and enjoyed it please please leave a review, it means an awful lot. If you haven’t WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK she’s reduced to 98p to celebrate Mothers Ruined 1 month birthday. You can download her here.





This little boy has been very poorly this week. So when he’s not been lying like this we’ve been watching a lot of The Amazing Spider-Man and also Stampy Long Head. Now he’s better I’m going to get him to explain his Minecraft addiction.

Poorly Beast


So the sun kinda caught me out this week. I KNOW I KNOW it’s been coming, but to be honest, I’ve just been a bit distracted (darn sick child!). So I’ve been wearing this until I can get some proper sun.


Rimmel Fake Tan


This. Too. Many. Times. (Seriously, why do kids latch onto things like this and not get bored?!)


I’ve been a little bit in love with Gino for a while, but his new book “Pronto” is amazing. This was quick, simple and AMAZING! 


And lastly…

It’s Friday! My favourite day of the week! It’s great in every way.  I get to do a couple of hours of work while The Chunk bumbles about with me. Nothing too intense, sometimes even just downing tools and doing ironing with a bit of Pixar, but then I get him for the rest of the day! The Beast comes home from school ready for the weekend so obvously that usually means treats (tonight Daisy Made I think!) and then Mr Aimee gets home in time for #FizzFriday ! Hurrah!

For now though – this is one of the reasons I love Friday so much. Tea, and the birds singing in the sun!

Tea and Sun.


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