When You Love The Little Things

This week has flown. Seriously, I have so many things on my to-do list that I haven’t even looked at that I’m just crossing it off as a bad week. Although it’s not been bad really. YES I may have been a touch bloated and hormonal. YES I may have not had some news I was hoping for, and YES the new hamster bit me. But it’s ok, because it’s the little things that make memories isn’t it? Here I am joining in with the lovely But Why Mummy Why linky – here’s this weeks love the little things.


My amazing friend (and keeper of my sanity) released her second book on Saturday 14th June. As soon as I woke up I downloaded it. I must admit, I had some sneaky peaks at the early stages of the draft, so couldn’t wait to read the final thing! So far I’m loving it.

I was going to put the photo of it on my nook – but if i’m honest, I love the cover too much I think you deserve to see it in it’s full coloured glory. I Put A Spell On You by Kerry Barrett is available to download on Amazon here (and it’s also available on all other e-readers too! )

I put a spell on you - Kerry Barrett



I’ve got a lot of ironing to catch up on. Like since February when I started knuckling down to Dottie we were ironing as and when we needed it, so I’ve been dedicating some serious time to Netflix, and as I have to save Orange is the New Black for when Mr Aimee is home, I’ve been watching Heroes. We watched a few of them when it came out but for some reason didn’t get further than about episode three – so now I’m a bit obsessed. 

(old trailer obvs – sorry check it out on Netflix)



Seriously sun? WHAT is going on? Jeans in June?! What next Jumpers in July?! But it’s ok, I have some new leopard print to keep me going. Sainsbogs – £6. GET IN.

If I've got some print on, it can't be all bad can it?
If I’ve got some print on, it can’t be all bad can it?


Ok, since I got my new car (did I tell you about Filoola the Fiat? I am a little bit in love with her – she’s the daughter I never had), anyway, I’ve just had my phone plugged in on random, and because I can skip from the steering wheel this has been great fun. I landed on a song I haven’t listened too for ages but is now on repeat. Enjoy.


I always try and make memories for the boys. Being the ‘bad cop’ in the family, I don’t want their memories just to be of me nagging them, making them do homework, telling them off and making them wash behind their ears, so when we do fun stuff and I see them smile, it’s totally worth it. Yesterday The Chunk and I got the opportunity to visit the Lincolnshire Show. I’ll be blogging about it this weekend, but in the meantime – here’s an example of some fun we had. 

YES I was struggling to reach, and NO it wasn’t just because The Chunk was a touch on the heavy side!

and lastly..

Whenever I’m sitting in my study, working late because I’m on constant catch up it’s ok, because there’s always Filoola to glance down on. (OH and my husband and kids I guess).

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.47.40
LOOK HOW PRETTY SHE IS! (she’s also pale blue not white – not that that makes a difference to you)




  1. Amy

    Love those shoes and what a bargain! We don’t have Sainsburys on the Isle of Man! Also, that car is gorgeous! lucky you.

    Enjoy the weekend! x

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  2. Sam @ And then the fun began...

    OMG I *love* Fiat 500s! No way we could two kids and all our c**p in the back too though 🙂 How nice to be friends with a published author! The cover looks lovely. I agree, Bittersweet Symphony is a great classic. Have a fab weekend X #LittleLoves

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  3. Triona

    Love the shoes….I’m a shoe addict!!! Being a one salary family I can’t afford very expensive shoes anymore….I can look,touch and dream, and then walk with my tail between my legs to Primark & H&M

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  4. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    Love all of this!
    The mister and I were addicted to Heroes and I can remember watching it loads in our old house when I was preggo with Noo. So gutted that they cancelled it in the end.
    And obvs I totes love your shoes, they are leopard print after all! xxx

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