When you love the little things

Another week of hectic-ness! I guess it’s the indication that it’s nearly the end of the summer term and as I post this we are waiting to find out if Sports Day is rained off or not. So this weeks love the little things is full to bursting!


I’ve not had much chance to read this week, and I’m still reading Kerry’s book. However, whenever I do get a bit of time away from sports day and school trips and swimming lessons I’m trying to crack on with my latest novel, so am frantically reading through all my notes about “Lucy” and her exciting story!

Lucy - totally new - will you love her as much as Dottie?
Lucy – totally new – will you love her as much as Dottie?


This week I was lucky enough to go on the school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park with The Beast and the rest of KS1. Not only did I get to spend time with some awesome kids and watch them enjoy the animals, but I also got to watch this boy, my biggest boy who drives me mad and presses all my buttons, be the boy he is at school. I watched him with his friends and teachers and it was just so lovely to see him grow.

Him growing up kills and thrills me in equal measures.
Him growing up kills and thrills me in equal measures.


I’m a tad on the chunky monkey side right now. I’d love to blame hormones, or something, but actually I’m just being a big fat pig. However, for the first time in forever (oooh Frozen reference!) I really fancied a run, so on Saturday afternoon – inspired by one of my faves on my instagram feed to just bloody do it and stop thinking about it – I pulled on my trainers and went for a run. I was crap. Honestly – worst.run.ever. But I DID IT! I’m going to go again. Because as much as I hated it, I loved it a little bit too.




Fighting. A. Lot. Of. Fighting. Usually on the way to school (they can’t agree how many houses there are in the world, or how tall the trees are), so I have resorted to this to make them happy. *cries* http://youtu.be/RMO4LtZVAx4  


Lists. To-do lists. This whole floating about malarky with lack of purpose has really impacted my frame of mind. I’m a doer. I work to deadlines, I work to structure, I can’t just float. So I now have to do lists. On the top of it every work day is a good breakfast. Obvs.


and lastly.. 

It was the MIL’s 60th birthday this week. I wanted to get her something special and it just so happens I have a friend who is rather clever. Recently she’s added hand-drawn portraits to her already fantastic list of things she creates, and as soon as I saw some examples I knew this would be the perfect gift. I sent her a photo I’d taken of the boys recently, and she recreated it. 


See – awesomeness yes? You can like her facebook page here.



  1. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    Love that drawing of T and L, I bet you MiL will treasure it.

    E is obsessed with the superman song! They do it at softplay when we go on a Wednesday and she knows all the words and actions, don’t know whether to be proud or cringe! xx

  2. Jenny

    WOW what a fantastic drawing. She is so talented and a great present indeed!!!! Something to cherish forever. Love the frozen reference! Always an excuse to reference frozen isn’t there? hahaha Good for you for getting out in your shoes. i should do that too! take cue! lol Great round up for this week’s #litteloves

  3. Life at the Little Wood

    Such a sweet picture! Aww! It’s really funny watching your kids in a school environment, isn’t it? I had my youngest on a school trip yesterday and she was so enthusiastic and involved – that never happens at home!! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Not A Frumpy Mum

    I love that picture, it’s gorgeous. Totally with you on the being a bit of a chunky monkey at the minute, I really need to get some motivation to get out and exercise. One run every 4 weeks isn’t really going to cut it, I’ll go tomorrow. Honest!

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