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THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE COMMMINNGGGG!!! I think this is going to be the theme to most of my posts, along with THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE HEREEE…HOW HAS IT ONLY BEEN A WEEK?!! Etc. etc. Here’s the deal, you know I wrote a book? (DID I MENTION THAT?), and over the summer, whilst you probably won’t have much time on your hands, it’s quite a nice easy read (so I’ve been told), and I think you might need something to help you laugh through the darker days (and gin, make sure you stock up on gin).

I bet you've never seen this before have you?
I bet you’ve never seen this before have you?

  THERE, I’ve done a bit of self-promotion, but here’s the next thing. As a writer, nothing means more than reviews (nice ones!). I know that sounds very needy, and if I’m honest it is, but nothing makes my day more than logging into Amazon and discovering that somebody has enjoyed their time with Dottie. I have a feeling it’s saved my children’s lives a few times. With that in mind, I’m going to ask you a little favour, but there will be a reward at the end of it. You know my very talented friend? The one who does prints, mugs, and drawings and stuff? Well she’s letting me give you the chance to win one of her super amazing ‘LIKES’ prints*. SEE – here are some she’s made for other people.

All you have to do is download a copy of Mothers Ruined and leave a review. Once you’ve left your review just leave a link to it in the blog post below and fill in the boxes on Rafflecopter! Simples eh? If you’ve already downloaded and left a review you’re still eligible to win, simply follow the same steps.

To link to your review simply find it in the reviews section of Amazon and click on the title. That will take you to your review!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure you don’t’ forget to tweet and like my facebook page too – I’ll be running more comps via Facebook in the near future! Competition closes on 8th September! to give you chance to read the book, and I will draw the winner on the same day to celebrate the return to school. Good luck!  


*Print is unframed and A4 size, personalised. Winner will be contacted on 08/09/2014 and announced the same week.

Competition T&Cs can be found here



  1. Alena Nicholson

    feeling a bit thick. how do I leave a link from a review I did months ago. (I can still blame baby brain even though shes 6months, right?)

    1. Post

      Haha – I still blame it nearly 4 years on! If you go to Amazon, find your review then click on the review title it takes you to the page xxx

  2. Tracy Nixon

    I left my review as Tracy N . Sorry dont know how to get to the link but you will see it in the reviews list!

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