VLog – Confidence Part 1

So, even though I swore I’d only video blog through the children, it seems I’ve bitten the bullet and gone for it about something more serious then I intended!  Here’s part one of a series about How becoming a parent has impacted your confidence. Be kind…

In the mean time, while you watch it I’m going to hide with a bottle of gin. x
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  1. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    As you know I appreciate honesty above all else when it comes to blogging (and vlogging) so this is something I love immediately. Confidence is such a big issue when it comes to being a parent (and a human being in general). I know that I lost loads of confidence when I got made redundant and by default became a SAHM, it’s only know that I’m piecing it all back together.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of these! Well done for biting the bullet and doing them! xxxx

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  2. Katie @mummydaddyme

    I really enjoyed watching this Aimee and well done for being brave and posting it- I could never sit and talk to a camera, your a natural. I have lost a lot of confidence since I became a Mum- just little things like a lack of confidence in my identity and style, a lack of confidence when it comes to my career and a lack of confidence in the way I look. It’s taken until the last few months but I finally feel like I am finding myself again a little more. My most important job is being Mummy but I also am enjoying rediscovering what makes me happy away from my little parenting bubble too. Will look forward to seeing the next video.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post a comment Katie! I’m glad you are starting to find *you* a little bit more! It’s so hard when you give 100% of yourself to other people to remember who you are.

      I hope you continue to do so! xxx

  3. Kara

    I am crying. Amazing VLOG. I hope you continue them. Although it doesn’t always look like it online I have serious confidence issues. Sometimes they make me ill

    I know you are so right in this video and I try constantly to remind myself of it but I really feel like a huge failure to my babies. I really can not give or help them with basic life needs let alone the great things. I promise to try a little harder though cx

  4. Kizzy

    I am a mother who does it by myself and at times find it very difficult when it comes to dicipline if I get angry I then find myself apologising to my boys and being really upset and angry at myself I do envy coupled parents at times when I’m getting the ‘i hate you’ and ‘I want my dad’ etc but I also love when I get the lovely rewards and hugs from my boys! I totally get the pride and disappointment feeling all at the same time and as for confidence I tend to sometimes have bravado when it comes to talking to others or when it comes to getting dressed I’m horrified almost and my eldest watches me he says mummy you are beautiful I’m sorry for kicking you while in your tummy and giving you them lines I think I may not have the best body for another person to appreciate but my boy telling me he loves me and that I’m beautiful even at my worst is the most amazing feeling! I just wish I could somehow find courage in myself to believe such things can be possible!!

  5. Jordan

    My goodness. This is brilliant – absolutely brilliant & such a great point, really well made & put across.
    Everyone can relate to this – if thats a good thing or not, im not sure!
    Can’t wait for the next one. J xx

  6. Honest mum

    What a powerful, heartfelt post. You are a natural in front of the camera and have touched on issues we all face. I think in many ways kids have given me greater confidence as I’ve found a career I love via them through blogging our lives and I feel more fulfilled than ever. I haven’t always felt confident and some days don’t always feel that way (post babies was tough as weight loss took time etc) and of course we all struggle with guilt. I do overall feel though happy parents, happy kids and try and create as balanced a life as possible for us all.

    I agree it’s sad not to realise your kids’ brilliance is down to you. I think so much of my confidence and self esteem came from my folks who still offer it to me. They always made me believe anything is achievable so I hope I can install that in my kids too. I think the immigrant background of my family helped so much, my folks went to uni here and we’re so enterprising in what they achieved. Really wonderful vlog. Thanks for sharing and linking up.

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