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Stampy (longhead)


It’s been a while, but as I’m struggling to find the peace and quiet to sit and film a vlog (see previous blog post about working from home with the kids here), I figured I’d pop the boys in the limelight again. This time we have spent a lot of time talking about Minecraft, and even more talking about Stampylonghead.

The boys love him, and you know what, I know I should find him annoying as the boys are so obsessed I think I’ve even started to laugh like him, but you know what, he makes the boys happy, he teaches them stuff and actually after seeing him on BBC breakfast, I can’t help but find him a very endearing personality.

I think the thing with Stampy, that I find so endearing is that he’s actually quite wholesome. If I look at all the other things the boys are drawn too (Power Rangers, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Lego Starwars, etc. etc.) whilst often they have good ‘morals’ they are still advocate a certain level of violence when it comes to good versus evil. With Stampy however, it’s quite light hearted. 

I also think, that perhaps we think a little bit too deeply about what the kids see when they’re watching something. I remember the first time I heard about chuffing minecraft and I realised it had Zombie’s and you could kill pigs and cows with the swipe of a diamond-armour-sword, but really, the boys just find it entertaining and I can’t fault the level of thought that’s gone into the Library The Beast made (before The Chunk burnt it down with lava…oops) or the Rocket he’s created.

So here are the boys opinions of Stampy, totally non-edited (as you’ll see from the end where The Beast begins to ask if we’re sending it to him as I was pressing the stop button) views. I love how if you catch kids off the cuff you can never get them to say what you hoped they would.

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