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What I’m writing this week.


This is it, this is my week where things are back to normal. Except of course, yesterday I had my haircut and coloured which took all morning – which if I’m honest, is no hardship, I adore my hairdresser and got to look at her beautiful wedding photos.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 09.57.17

A blurry filter picture to hide the bags and lines. BUT LOOK! BROWN!

Anyway, day one already done and dusted and I achieved nothing. But what’s worrying is I quite enjoyed it, and instead of sitting down in the study this morning I very nearly sat in front of The Good Wife with some bacon. Not good for my word count or my waistline.

But there’s a fab new linky that you can join if you click here. It’s all about your writing targets for the week, and I thought it would be an awesome thing to help kick my bum back in gear. I have no excuses, it’s week two of back to school, I should be FLYING.

*fiddles with spotify*

So what am I writing? What are my targets? Well I guess I should split them out. There’s the boring paid stuff – but you don’t need to know that. So moving swiftly on….

I finished my overview for ‘Book 2’ the other day, but am awaiting feedback from my valued readers who keep me in line. I think my main target for that should be to start chapter one, and continue to tighten the overview. I’m excited, really really excited. But it does feel really strange writing a new person who isn’t Dottie. In fact, she’s nothing like her, so the paranoia is back “oh my god this is rubbish” but I just have to fight on, get the words out, and everything will be ok.

Blog wise, I’m not sure how to intertwine vlogging. This is now as important to me as written blogs. The feedback from the two vlogs on confidence have been amazing, and I have so much more to talk about – so sorry about that, you’re going to have to hear my ugly mug and squeaky voice a bit more (at least with my new haircut I no longer look like Gary Barlow before he got fit).

So I’m going to go in tentatively this week, and set a teeny tiny word count of 5,000 words this week.

After all, look, here’s three-hundred-and-eighty-eight of them done already.


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