Learning away from home: how to cope when kids fly the nest

It’s inevitable that our kids will one day leave home. Whilst we know this to be true, most of us ignore it until the very minute it becomes a reality. For many, this is because we’re worried about how our lives will change when we no longer have young ones around to care for.

Of course, it will always be sad when our kids leave home but this doesn’t mean we can’t deal with the situation. In fact, there are many positive things that can come out of the transition … it’s up to us to find them and embrace the change.

Support your children

Undoubtedly the most positive thing about kids moving away from home is the independence they will gain. Moving away from home is a huge step in a person’s life and this is usually a time when your kids will be in need of support.

This is primarily because the reasons for children moving away from home are incredibly varied – it may be to step out on their own and move in with a partner, it may be a relocation for work or it may even engage in specialist studies like marine engineering courses which are best taught at relevant locations with a strong seafaring connection.

While there are some things that your kids will need to do on their own, this is also a perfect opportunity for parents to offer guidance on things which will be new to them.

Remember that your children moving away from home doesn’t mark the end of your relationship – just a change in how it is managed.

Don’t neglect yourself

When the kids are at home, most parents find their days are structured around their needs rather than their own. This typically remains the case well into the child’s teenage years and well after they actually need to be the centre of our attention!

The worry here is that our routines need to change a great deal when the kids are away from home but the key is not to neglect yourself. You need to make the most of your spare time and use it to create a life for yourself. This is your opportunity to indulge your own interests and make the most of your free time to do things you want to do.

Enjoy the holidays

Usually when children move away to study, they relish the holidays. When your young ones come back to visit, you’ll get the chance to see how much they’ve grown with their newfound independence and this can be a great experience.

It’s more important than ever to make the most of your kids’ holidays now that you don’t see them as often so make sure you schedule in some quality family time but remember that there are likely to be other people – such as friends still based near you – that they’ll want to see too.

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