How Carrie from Homeland and I share emotions.

A little while ago I talked about a few clothes on my autumn wardrobe wish list. I do love a bit of autumn fashion and am still considering which bits to pick out and buy (all of them between you and me, but don’t tell Mr Aimee), however, the item from the list has been playing on my mind has to be THE BOOTS. I mean, leopard print boots – how could they not be mine?

Love at first sight.

really really wanted them. I mean, I was DREAMING about them, however at £50 a pop I was trying my hardest to forget about them. But I couldn’t I just couldn’t, and so when they came up in the sale from ASOS after a particularly trying day I just knew it was meant to be. So, given that my feet are really a 3.5 I decided to order a size 3 and a size 4 to see which fitted best. Happy with the knowledge I skipped to bed, excited that premier delivery meant that they would be with me the next day.

Sadly when I woke up I had two emails, one saying the size 3 had been despatched and the other saying the size 4 was out of stock.


But it’s ok…I mean, the size 3 were still coming after all. Phew.

So they arrived, and after a bit of tugging and pulling I finally got them on. SEE AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 18.52.21

However, they were hurting my feet a lot. Like crippling them. I wandered about the house for a little while, wondering if I could stretch them but things were just to tight. I was going to have to send them back.


But I couldn’t do it, in the end I sulked a bit more and kept the boots in my study next to my desk so I could look at them rather than send them back, I went back onto the website and was over joyed to see them back in stock.


However, the next morning I awoke to an email saying they were out of stock again.


And Again.

This is pretty much how I felt.

I left it, sulky and angry and had a slight jibe over twitter (they didn’t really do anything wrong but I NEEDED THOSE BOOTS). I left it and stomped about, stroking the boots next to my desk knowing I was running out of time before I had to return them.sulking

Then, after #discotantrum I went to comfort myself and low and behold they were there.



They came the next day and overcome with emotion I tried them on.




Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 19.01.28

In a lighter resemblance, I also think it’s pretty much like this.






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