Christmas Party Outfit (aka THE DRESS THE DRESS)

One of the negatives of being self-employed is the lack of a Christmas bash, but that doesn’t stop me planning the outfit. I mean, you never know, Mr Aimee may suddenly whisk me off for a lovely evening of cocktails and romance. (HINT HINT IT IS OUR ANNIVERSARY SOON), so, if I’d been a girl scout, or whatever it was that I would have been in the 80’s, I always like to be prepared for an event.

So what would I wear? The dress I wore last year on our 10th wedding anniversary. TOTALLY. I love that dress – AM ON IT. Or so I thought, because last night, when I was watching TV last night the M&S Advert came on. Now don’t get me started on Christmas adverts – I’ll touch on that later in the week – but right now I don’t want to be distracted from the matter in hand. THE DRESS.

“PAUSE! IT AND REWIND!” I order Mr Aimee clapping my hands in excitement (how did you stalk outfits in the same way without Sky+ and the Internet?)


Mr Aimee helps himself to another Malteser and rolls his eyes. I whip out my phone and take a photo sending it to both my bestie and Twitter. 




Oh, the middle one by the way – although all of them are lovely.

Although, I do think they’ve added a little more shine to it on the advert (either that or the lighting is poor on the ever not-quite-there-with-the-styling Marks and Sparks website… this is it.

Click to order.



So anyway, how does one style this dress? Not with pointy black courts that’s for sure *looks at M&S and sighs.* But let’s not digress from the matter in hand, the important matter that is HOW AM I GOING TO WEAR THIS DRESS?

If I were to wear it to a party, or dinner and cocktails *coughMrAimeecough* then I could put them with either (or BOTH?!) of these…

Sparkly Traditional Shoes
Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.15.11
Or *these* <3

And this bag…

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.25.34


If however, Mr Aimee doesn’t take me out, I could totally get away with wearing it on Christmas Day couldn’t I? I mean…I am the hostess! I could wear it with thick tights and these…

AND they’d look awesome with jeans. #justification

So all in all, really, if you think about it very carefully, this dress is practically a wardrobe staple. 

*innocent face*

ANYWAY what are you wearing for your Christmas do?


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