When you love the little things.

Another week flying by and another Friday ready to link up with #littleloves  over at  But Why Mummy Why. I’m not going to pretend this week has been amazing. I’ve not been well – GIRLS THINGS – but I’m so relieved that finally, after years of letting it rule my life, I found a doctor which has actually come up with a plan. So what’s been happening with my week?


Gotta love a bit of decorating, and as we’re decorating the hall and landing, I’m getting ideas as to how to finish it off – Mr Aimee is hyperventilating.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.33.27


Larry’s YouTube video about Stampy reached the 100,000 views mark this week. I watched the numbers creep up and over, which was far more exciting than I thought it would be! To celebrate Larry is going to be answering your questions so if you want to ask him anything just get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!


Clashing prints and of course, THE SHOES.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.04.18


I’m not going to link to the song because it’s bloody ridiculous. Rapper, and general idiot Eminem has done it again and released a song which is just, well there are so many things wrong with it. I heard about it here and I am still raging. I just cannot believe that something is allowed to be released. It begs the question about not only the person who wrote it, but also who allowed it to be released. I know “all good publicity is good publicity” (supposedly), but this is glamourising something so wrong.

(YES I know that it’s not something that’s made me happy but I can’t help it!)


One of my favourite curries of all time. Click here to see how to make it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 09.55.47

And Lastly…

I have always tried to look on life with a positive attitude. If people ask me how I am 9/10 I say “Fine thank you” even if I’m not. Every now and then I might cave and might have a grumble, but as you can hopefully see I try and look for the positives in things. “If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.” I can’t be doing with “woe is me” people who think their life is the worst. Because you know what, no matter how bad you have it, no matter how you think somebody has it better or easier, than you. Just remember, there is always somebody worse off. To those people who fail to see the positives, try looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Here’s a little quote for you to remember ok?

Be Positive.



  1. Helen

    oh lord you are far too cheery for me! Also those shoes still make my eyes hurt. But I have also succumbed and bought EXACTLY THE SAME good housekeeping coz Christmas is ACE.

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  2. Emma

    Awwwwwww Larry is a superstar!

    And huzzah to clashing prints, just what we all need when the weather is drawing in, a bit of snazzy dressing 🙂

    Hope you have a good week


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  3. Sam

    Great quote Aimee! Glad to hear that someone is helping you find a way forwards with your medical issues. Haven’t heard the Eminem track – or if I have I haven’t listened to the lyrics, but it sounds bad from your description! I really fear for the kids growing up and having to take in all this stuff that they will be exposed to. Sometimes I think the argument against censorship just swings too far to the left – I’m all for freedom of expression but there’s got to be a balance, right? X #littleloves

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  4. Mel @mydaysni

    Great phrase! I have a year old who is also a bit obsessed with Stampy. – I don’t get it myself, not one little bit! However, I’m not a four year old boy! Hope you have a great weekend #littleloves

  5. Life at the Little Wood

    Larry and Stampy!! Too cute! My boy is also obsessed. Honestly, I don’t understand a word of what he is talking about! 🙂 Really love your shoes, and the little quote – what a brilliant way to think of it! Xx

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