Christmas Spirit

Today I’m going to be direct. I’ve been sitting at my computer for the last half an hour, fan heater on feet, Christmas songs playing, attempting to produce a suitably Christmas Spirited post in order to promote the fact that Dottie’s Christmas story is currently free on Amazon.

This is what the books like…just so you know.

I sat, with my cup of tea and a mince pie (any excuse), re-reading my post and all I could think was “I need a glass of mulled wine” so with that, and the fact I have a meeting this afternoon, I have decided to leave my post about what I really think about the current social-media-festive-extravaganza for another day. Or perhaps an evening, with a glass of festive gin.

That now leaves me drumming my fingers on my desk. I mean, I really want you to download my book and help it move up the free charts, but I hate begging.

So instead of begging, I’m just asking nicely. That’s ok isn’t it?

Therefore, as I said on Instagram – if you could possibly click here and download – Survival of the Christmas Sprit I would love you forever, even more than gin. If you happened to convince your friends and family to download it as well, I will love you more than pizza and gin, and if, after all that, you read the story and enjoy it, if you felt so inclined to leave me a review, I would probably love you more than a night without my children. I KNOW! BIG STUFF!

This could be what a review could say…

Why do I want you to download it when it’s Free?

Well, partly, there’s nothing like treating people this time of year, and secondly, as corny as it sounds, it’s not about the money (if it was I’d not be here right now), it’s about the popularity KIDDING! It’s just about people reading and enjoying my work. That’s what I like best, knowing that I’ve made somebody laugh.

So if you could – that would be awesome.





 Image Credit: Wired Gin

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