Little Loves – Reading, Running, and Growing Up!


Gosh I love this linky hosted over at But Why Mummy Why? I love it because it makes me smile, because it is an enjoyable read, and even more importantly, it’s the ideal procrastination excuse. THANKS MO! 

So here goes..



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I have just finished Sarah Hilary’s Someone Else’s Skin. It was fantastic and I would totally recommend it. 



I haven’t had much time for TV and even less time for OITNB which is a bit of a pain, because I’ve been watching my babies grow up towards the end of term. Summer shows and my biggest baby going off on residential without giving me a kiss! I have to focus on just how proud of them both I am, otherwise I think I’d turn into a blubbering wreck.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.57.48
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.58.07
Abandoning me for two nights and three days, totally didn’t care. Oh and he lost another tooth just to remind me how big he’s getting!
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.58.26
This was the other week, but I couldn’t show one “show” picture without the other. The gorgeous Scarecrow.



I’m doing a challenge #30days30runs – I may (or I may not depending how I feel!) blog about it when I’m done. But because of that trainers and running shorts have pretty much been my main wardrobe staple this last few weeks!

Shorts, Trainers, Matching Nails to the outfit. DONE.
Shorts, Trainers, Matching Nails to the outfit. DONE.


Lots of practicing for the play, and post play enjoyment, both boys are now obsessed with the Wizard of Oz so this is pretty much always being sung at home, in the car, in the supermarket, on the toilet…


I’m barely managing to make dinner every night. Well I am, but it’s not particularly inspiring. #Fail



I’M JUST GOING TO LEAVE THIS HERE!!! Dottie is only 99p / 99¢ until 13th July… #JustSaying


Joining in with #LittleLoves hosted by the totally amazing But Why Mummy Why?



  1. Jenny

    What a great challenge for 30 days 30 runs. I need to do something like this and I just started a new eat plan this week with my mother trying to get fit and lose that last bit of baby weight. Wish you luck and need some myself. hahaha Love the trainers and nails though. Gorgeous. I will have to make note of this book as I am looking for more to read here on vacation. #littleloves

  2. Morgana

    Um, how old are your boys looking? When did that happen?! Can’t believe our babies will be starting school in a couple of months!
    So impressed with your running challenge, there’s no way I would have kept that up.
    LOVE the nails too! xx

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