It’s been a while, but I couldn’t not join in with #LittleLoves now that Morgana has moved her blog over to Coffee Work Sleep Repeat – good job with the blog Mo, it looks awesome!



After about 7 years of nagging, Mr Aimee finally caved and agreed our bedroom was disgusting and that would could decorate it, and because of the rest of the house being very…family…orientated I was surprised when he didn’t flinch when I told him the bedroom was going to be my domain. IT’S SO PRETTY, and I’m reading in it whenever I can. My friend happened to have a copy of the latest Sophie Kinsella and knowing what a fan I am she leant it to me. I’m secretly pleased because it also matches the colour scheme of the room.



We had a sneaky night away at the weekend. Mr Aimee, myself and some of my favourite friends went to watch Jimmy Carr in Grantham. I have to say it was one of the funnest nights I’ve had in ages, and Jimmy was fantastic. I was VERY close to texting in and asking for a selfie on the stage… but I have a feeling he’d have pulverised me so I changed my mind!



I’ve not been loving this week. Today I finally succumbed to my sore throat and achey body and am sat in my joggers wrapped in a blanket feeling like death. However, for the school run I haven’t been defeated. Well I have, I’ve looked like a mess,  but my pink lipstick has kept my chin up until I’ve got home anyway.


Every.Schoo.Run. TWICE. *weeps*



Well what did you expect?! Right now curry and pizza are ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. This is a vegetable jalfrezi, we had it on Friday and Sunday, and there’s still two more portions in the freezer for when I can’t be bothered to do any cooking but Mr Aimee won’t order in. 

p.s. It’s a Jamie Oliver special.



The child who a year ago I carried out of the school disco kicking and screaming is now his class ambassador and met the mayor who opened the new foundation stage garden at the school. It’s amazing to think that this is the same child, and proves that when they’re being stretched and in the right environment how much they thrive.

That’s me joining in with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat’s #LittleLoves OVER AND OUT.


  1. Morgana

    That curry looks amazing, I’ll be looking up the recipe for sure.
    So jealous of your bedroom! Ours is way on the bottom of the list. Boo. Even then I don’t think I’ll get away with any pink, but that’s fair enough in this house as there is already a fair amount of pink going on! Haha

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