It’s a steep slope isn’t it? This being an author malarkey. It could also be called a massive learning curve. Mahoosive.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing. As I sit here, in a study, where, if I look left, I see piles and piles of kids toys, a table and god knows what else. On the right, the door is currently propped open by the (nearly dead) Dyson because I can’t find the doorstop. It’s hard to think that I’m working towards my dream, a dream that bit by bit, is coming true. It’s overwhelming.

Right now, my first book Survival of the Ginnest is having a bit of a flurry. The e-book is currently reduced to 99p, and last week the paperback version was selected by as one of their lightning deals. This means that the paperback was reduced, they knocked 50% off. Resulting in, last Thursday one of my books was in the top 1% of all the books on ONE OF MY BOOKS. To say I was thrilled is an understatement, but I was also majorly highly-strung and tense, because foolishly, I’m wondering if this will be my next big nudge.

I spend a lot of time thinking of the next nudge. Which is pretty stupid really, as it may never actually happen. I may not ever get nudged any further forward. After all, I’ve got pretty far as it goes. I’m where some people dream of being. I’m where I dreamed of being.

Except, as you fall into the process, you realise that each dream, each nudge, leads to the next. I’m not being ungrateful, not at all, I’m hugely grateful to be where I am, but I’m also realistic.

When you first write a book, you want a book deal. But what you sort of neglect to think about is that then you want your book to sell, and then you want to sell more. Then you want people to love your book, and then what if you stuff up the next book? Then, you want to be a best seller (like now please) before television or movie contracts are waved in your face.

Not that I’ve been thinking about it or anything.

However, if I sit back, take a deep breath, and think logically about things (you know, listen to my husband as he tops up my gin and reminds me that this is a long process) I know I need to focus on just enjoying what I have and not think about what could potentially be around the corner.

Right now, I know people are buying and downloading my books, they have them on their e-readers and dropping through their letter boxes. They’re leaving reviews, which as a whole, are blowing my socks off. Right now, a positive review is better than any nudge could possibly be…

….Except of course the sitcom scenario – that would be awesome.

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