Christmas Little Loves

It’s the last #LittleLoves of the year, so I thought I’d have a crack at joining in again – let’s face it, it’s the perfect opportunity to ignore my list on the last day of school/work. YES! This is the busiest week of all, and I am TOTALLY procrastinating. But I have a plan. A CUNNING PLAN. Every time I tick something off my to-do list I get a Quality Street. I AM A GENIUS. *adds eat a mince pie to to-do list*.

Anyway, here’s my hectic Little Loves…


We managed to sneak in a couple of childfree  days away this weekend, where I spent my time reading the amazing Rachael Lucas and also Annie Lyons “Life Or Something Like It” as well as finishing off the amazing “What She Left” by T R Richmond. Not only was it nice to have some down time to read, but everything I read was a great read, not a disappointment in them!

I also got to read Larry’s first story, which made my heart explode just a little bit. 




Er. P.S. I miss Alice.


On our weekend away, Mr Aimee bribed me with mulled wine convinced me a good long walk would be a nice idea. I had it in my head it would be all pottering around little villages looking for a butter dish (I REALLY NEED A BUTTER DISH), he did not. It was raining when we started out – as you can tell I was thrilled to have to don my wellies and fleece lined leggings (COMFIEST THINGS IN THE WORLD).


However, LOOK SNOW!


And we ended the day with wine and my favourite boots.



LOTS of laughter and NOISE. These boys are WIRED. I can’t decide if breaking up from school today is going to be a good thing, or if it’s going to break my sanity!!!



Nothing. NOTHING AT ALL. Except of course lots of gin & tonics.


YES I KNOW I’M A BROKEN RECORD. I’m SORRY. But I MAY have a few books out, not sure if I’ve mentioned that? ANYWAY. If you’ve read and liked one of my books, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you could possibly leave me a review here and here. It doesn’t have to be huge, just a couple of words, but it really does help me out. 

If you HAVEN’T read one of my books yet, you can obviously buy them here (UK) or here (US). OR coming SOON (hopefully by the weekend!!) you can buy a SIGNED COPY (I know, thrilling right?) directly from here. xxx


That’s me joining in with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat’s #LittleLoves – Have a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… OVER AND OUT.


  1. Sam

    Wow you must be the only person in the UK who’s seen snow this winter (I speak, of course, as a total Southerner šŸ™‚ ) I love how excited your boys are about Christmas – I feel like my two are quite laid back about it all in comparison. So far. I’m really loving the decor in the place you stayed too – were there any stag heads on the walls? Hope you have a lovely Christmas Aimee Xx #littleloves

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  2. jenny

    Ahhh you are way too cute I love these and so festive. Sounds like you are all ready for Christmas. I can’t wait myself it’s my favorite time of year. I have been dying to get my hands on your books I keep telling morgana I am coming over to borrow her copy but I stupidly didn’t know you had others *wrap wallet. Way to go lovely. Happy holidays #littleloves

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  3. Morgana

    LUTHER! Love him, erm, I mean the programme. I miss Alice too, but I’m watching her (well the actress that played her..) on The Affair which she is sensational in by the way. xx

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