Aimee Horton

When you love the little things.


If ever there was a week to love the little things, this is it. The post-holiday-back-to-school week was bound to be tough, with the addition of Mr Aimee working long hours, and The Chunk only doing an hour or so a day, I have had no AIMEE time at all really. This is fine, but I’m itching to go, and working in small slots of time can be very frustrating. You’d think I’d use that time to sort out the ironing, or make something with the apples I’m collecting from the tree, but well, I’m not, I’m feverishly typing away at an outline which will hopefully help me get cracking next week.  Thanks again to But Why Mummy Why for her fantsatic linky. (more…)

I love bacon – a clothes related post.


So. Bacon. Let’s talk about bacon. If you follow me on any of my social media channels you probably already know I’m a bit of a fan, often showing you pictures like this. (more…)

When you’re child intolerant.


You know when you’re being really good and healthy, but you know you’re having a pizza take away delivered at the end of the week? You look forward to it all day Friday, planning what you’re going to have and then, when it is finally delivered, you eat it savouring every single mouth watering taste, knowing with each bite, that it’s not agreeing with you. Then the morning after you wake up in a dough hangover haze, swearing you’ll never eat take-away pizza again.  Except, by Thursday, you’ve forgotten the bad stuff and are just thinking of that amazing stuffed crust taste washed down with a glass of wine, and can’t wait to do it all over again.

That’s how half term turned out.