Aimee Horton

The Nokia Lumia


A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to review a mobile phone for the kids. Given my thoughts on screen time I was apprehensive, so after skimming the email I sent it to Mr Aimee with a “to talk about over gin” note.  (more…)

Things I said I’d never ever do as a parent.


I often talk about the difference between what I thought when I naively ventured into parenting, and what the actual real-life reality is. By talk, I mean shake my head in pity at the naively enthusiastic corporate minded previous me, and weep into my gin. (more…)

When you love the little things


Another week of hectic-ness! I guess it’s the indication that it’s nearly the end of the summer term and as I post this we are waiting to find out if Sports Day is rained off or not. So this weeks love the little things is full to bursting! (more…)