Aimee Horton

Little Loves at Half Term


How is half term nearly over? As I sit here, the children are on a playdate while I am supposed to be working. Part of me is thinking “hey who needs to catch up on work this week when I have the chance to lie on the sofa and catch up on some TV and books.

Like I say, the week has flown by, and here’s why.


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.10.51

OH MY GOD. AMANDA JENNINGS! *gushes* I have loved both of Amanda’s previous books, but the minute I opened In Her Wake I knew it was going to be special. I’ve not had as much chance to read it as I’d like this week, but I may have hidden in the bathroom a few times shouting “shhh” through the door so I could grab a few pages!


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.13.28



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They kids have driven me mad this week. I think we’ve just been too busy. However, yesterday we finally got a chill day. We chilled out at my mum’s, watching TV, eating Jam Tarts and most importantly making dens. There’s nothing like a good den, and it’s even more special when it’s made out of the blankets I used to make my own dens from when I was a little monkey.


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Like I say, some might say I have a problem, I say I just embrace the things I love. I got my gorgeous leopard dress from Warehouse in the sale (£10 BAYBAY!) and the scarf I’ve had forever. I may have had to use it as a blanket over the winter as it’s blooming cold!


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.21.33

Noise. A. Lot. Of. Noise. And mostly I don’t mind, I mean, it’s nice to have time together. But SOMETIMES I must admit, my head was ready to explode by bed time! Luckily for all the squealing, loudness, stroppiness, thundering about and whining, the noise of these monsters laughing makes up for it every time. Nearly.


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It could just be a few sunny (albeit blooming freezing) mornings, it could be the fact that we haven’t had chance to stop…and probably won’t until July, or it could be a MIRACLE, but suddenly dragging myself up in the morning hasn’t felt so bad. 

Usually it is either UP > RUN > SHOWER > DRESS > GO GO GO or UP > SHOWER > DRESS > GO GO GO. It’s amazing what a cup of tea and five minutes to gather your thoughts does for your frame of mind and motivation. Let’s hope I can continue on!

When You Love The Little Things


It’s week 48 of #littleloves hosted over at But Why Mummy Why?, and while I know I don’t join in with a post every week, I really do love reading everyone’s happy moments!

This week has been busy. Again. I’m coming to terms with the fact that my life is BUSY. What worries me is I think it’s only going to get busier!!!  (more…)

Feline Fine


It’s divisive, deplored and derided.  It’s the stuff of brassy TV barmaids and long haired old letches.  Bet Lynch wears it, Peter Stringfellow lounges on it and I just love it.  Hardly a day goes by when I’m not leopard printed in some way or another.  It could be a bag, it might be my nails or I could be all out in a maxi dress, probably with a pair of leopardy sandals.  Does this mean I’m vulgar?  Tasteless?  Trashy?  Tacky?  Have I seen spots for so long I’m now blind, no longer able to tell the difference between a pinch of purrfect from a moggy monstrosity?  Well, from my experience there’s an army of print police out there and I’m not sure I’ve got them on pawed (sorry).

Exhibit A.  I got an email from a colleague.  We’d been talking about superheroes.  I work with boys, this is the norm.  Said email read, “You would be leopard woman by the way ‘cause you are always wearing lots of leopard print.”  True.  But we were talking about Batman.  Exhibit B.  I got a card from a friend.  On the front, a quote from Jackie Collins, “My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.”  Inside, “Amanda look it’s you!”  Hmmm.  Exhibit C.  The countless comments, remarks and observations about my top, t-shirt, cardigan, tights, scarf, socks, dress, leggings, nails, bag, hat, ear muffs, purse, pyjamas…  Whilst nothing is particularly negative, my animal themed wardrobe choices are mentioned, a lot.  I’ve seen a mirror (honestly) I know I’ve been doused with a dose of GRRRRR , I chose it, I bought it and I’m feline fine.  Apparently I’m brave; by channelling Dorian Green it seems I am marking myself out as a beacon of fashion fearlessness.  I don’t feel brave, leopard is everywhere.  From Mulberry to the Marks and Spencer, everyone is embracing cat couture yet still it’s mocked by many.  This could possibly be part of the reason I love it so darn much.

I don’t like to stand out but I don’t want to blend in.  I don’t want to be a carbon copy nor a sore thumb.  I don’t want to wear the same as everyone else and perhaps part of my love for it is because not everyone does.  I feel comfortable in leopard print.  Granted it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I see past its dodgy history and it’s a pattern I enjoy.  I can’t really do stripes; they are not the friend of the generous hipped.  Spots are ok but they’re one distortion away from my beloved leopard, so that’s what I adopt.  I like it, designers like it and it is overcoming its image problem.  Yes it will always be the furry fashion fodder of the Kat Slater, Liz McDonald and Bet Lynch soap barmaid crew.  The posing pouches and satin robes of the Hugh Hefner’s and Peter Stringfellow’s will always be cut from catlike cloth.  But does that monopolise the market meaning I can’t join in the fun?  Or when I do, am I tarred with the same brash brush?  Other than an apparel animal instinct I don’t have a lot in common with soap landladies or elderly nightclub owners.  I grew up in a village, I went to a girl’s grammar school, I’ve never even touched a cigarette, yet my loyalty to leopard is as strong as any cockney cad.  I love it, it makes me feel good and I wouldn’t let preconceptions, stereotypes or wide eyed wonder stop me.  If a print, pattern or design makes you stand taller, head higher and smile broader, then wear it and wear it proud.  You should never judge a book by its cover or, more importantly, a leopard by its spots.