Aimee Horton

When they suffer from End-Of-Term-Itis


[box] End-of-term-itis


The second half of the summer term, where even the most lovely of children develop an attitude problem. Never evident in the classroom, only at home.

“He better be suffering from end-of-term-itis because otherwise he’s going in the bin.”[/box] (more…)

Putting things back together.


It’s been nearly a month since I pressed the button on Dottie and after spending the first part of my self-enforced break in a bit of a daze it’s time to get back to things. (more…)

School Trip.


On Monday I sent The Beast off on a two night residential at Rand Farm Park with school. I love Rand, and he was going through an especially trying phrase when the letter came out, so I had no worries about booking him in – not that not going was an option to him. However, as the trip got closer I couldn’t help but worry a little bit.  (more…)