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How do you deal with bad reviews?


What if everyone hates it?” is  one of the most frequently wondered questions that goes on in an authors brain when the book is written, and sent to beta readers/agents/publishers/editors, and then on the shelves. It’s often followed with lots of stomping about, deep breathing, self loathing and deep breaths – well, unless that’s just me?

Odds are on that not everyone is going to hate it, but somebody will. After all, you can’t please everyone, and with the shield of the internet we all know that people are a little bit forthright with their opinions. By forthright, I’d say they forget that the review their writing isn’t just to help people decide not to buy the book they dislike so angrily, and don’t realise that their words are just about to ensure that the authors kids have fish fingers and chips in front of Netflix while their mum weeps into the gin bottle and a family sized bag of bacon flavoured crisps. 

There are lots of types of negative reviews, honest and constructive (which while is a punch in the stomach is good for learning – YES IT IS YES IT IS YES IT IS), deliberately picky, disparaging and condescending are just a few. I won’t focus on the specifics of each, but there is one I feel we should get out of the way now. 

You see, any review that includes a phrase along the lines of “I hated this book, but then I don’t like any books in this genre” – should be dismissed completely. These are automatically not one star reviews of your work, but of the genre as a whole. Ignore it and dismiss the fact that it drags your star rating down a little bit.

But what do you do when it really does happen? When somebody gives you two stars, along with a less than complimentary commentary.

You could dwell on it of course, cry and get drunk. Before vowing to hunt down whoever would be so mean as to say something negative about something you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

But what’s that really going to achieve? Except giving yourself a headache, and a worse feeling of self-loathing and disappointment the next day. Not that I’ve done that.

You could reply – and I don’t mean hunt them out on twitter and corner them, that could be considered a little stalker-like. Amazon give you a chance to reply or comment on reviews, you could defend your work. Tell them that you have it wrong, that those two stars weren’t warranted; they must not have the concept. After all, THIS IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER MAN! DON’T YOU KNOW THAT?!!

That might make you feel better, but only briefly. Kind of like when you reply to an email in rage, the instant feeling of satisfaction soon dies down with your hot-headedness. Plus you know, people are entitled to their opinions aren’t they? Urgh.

Or you could close your eyes, count to ten, and read some of your good reviews. You could slip into the mindset, that you haven’t made it, until you’ve got a bad review, and every review counts, and for every bad review, the good ones are more credible. After all who wants 500 five star reviews? (ME I DO!)

Then you could forget about it, and not think about asking your mum to set up multiple amazon accounts so she can counter review anybody who dares say anything negative.

I haven’t done that – I love my mum but she is dangerous enough with one amazon account.

Writing Bubble



The biggest thing I’ve learnt over the last year or so is that books are slow burners. Not just to read, not just to write, but as a whole. The process is long, and the rewards are what you make of them. It’s rare one of those rewards is to be rich, and if you understand that, you begin to see the real benefits.

For example, the sense of accomplishment is rather nice. The little worlds you get lost in can be good fun – or blooming scary depending what kind of books you write!. But to me, the two bits that stand out are (nice) reviews and seeing people REAL LIFE PEOPLE with my book.

My dream (other than of course tv/movie rights – KATHERINE PARKINSON FOR DOTTIE PLEASE) has always been for my books to be on a poster in tube stations, and to see people reading it. Now I’m not big enough for either the tube station, and I don’t go on the tube enough to see people reading my book, but thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, people are kind enough to send me pictures of them holding my book.

To me, this is HUGE. On a day where everything goes wrong, to see somebody with my book on their kindle or in their hands makes everything go away, and all the hard work feel worthwhile, as does a review where somebody says they laughed a lot at what I’ve actually written. PEOPLE TELL ME I MAKE THEM LAUGH!

Which, when you read it like that, in all honesty confirms what I always knew. It’s about my ego. The ego that spends most of the time doubting itself, and in the middle of the night, while I’m wiping bottoms and tripping over action figures WHICH I SWEAR ARE LEFT TO HURT ME, questions whether I’m any good or not. So, because I’m not an autumn person, because now Mothers Ruined is out there and I’m sitting here biting my nails telling myself you all hate it…I thought I’d be proactive and ask you to feed my ego. I guess I’m bribing you, some might say.

It’s not gone unnoticed that I like gin. I have a large choice at home, and I have a few favourites right now. All you have to do, to win a bottle of one of my favourite gins, is to like my Facebook page which is here and post a picture of you with one of my books (or all of them). If you want an extra entry into the hat (which Larry will be pulling the winner from) all you need to do is review Mothers Ruined and leave a link on my page so I know about it.


Competition ends Friday 20th November 2015. GIN DRINKING!


This giveaway is open UK wide
The prize is a bottle of gin chosen by Aimee Horton from
It ends on 20th November 2015
Winners will be contacted, and required to provide their postal address.
The winner will be chosen at random.
The winners must have fulfilled the mandatory requirements – liked Aimee Horton’s Facebook page and posted a picture of themselves with a copy of one of Aimee Horton’s novels on above mentioned Facebook page.
The winners will have 3 days from announcement to contact me and provide their details. If they do not contact me I will re-draw.
You can gain an additional entry to the competition by leaving a review for Mothers Ruined here & here.
The prize is not transferable and there is no cash alternative.