Aimee Horton

Celebrity Crush


So.  During the week I sent this tweet:

“It’s wrong for me to fancy Simon Cowell isn’t it?”

The general consensus was that yes, it was in fact very wrong.  Apart from one person – who will remain nameless for their own reputation – who agreed, that yes, it’s wrong, but they do too.

It got me thinking about that episode of Friends, you know The One with Frank Jnr.  Where Ross makes and laminates a list of his 5 celebrities he’d be allowed to sleep with.

So I thought for a bit of weekend fun (because I’m so rock and roll), I’d ask you what your top 5 celebrity crushes were…and are they set in laminate or do they change from week to week?  My rather predictable list would be as follows.

I told you, predictable.  I JUST CAN’T HELP IT! It’s usually to do with the smile, plus, let’s face it, Dermot’s dancing and Gary’s honesty is the best thing about X-Factor at the moment.

Other people who narrowly missed the short list were David Beckham, Russell Brand, Simon Cowell, Brad Pitt and Matt Le Blanc.