Aimee Horton

Skin that wont stick – HELP.


I love make up.  We already know this.

However, I have a nightmare, my skin is just not sticky.

Yes, I KNOW “sticky skin” isn’t the professional term, but I have no other way to describe it.  No matter what I do, my make up just doesn’t stay on my face for more then an hour.  This is a NIGHTMARE, it’s just not fair on the world for me to leave the house make up free, therefore I am constantly topping up.  I know day to day it’s not such a big deal but what really annoys me is whether I’m out and about in the day or for an evening, I end up having to carry a handbag sized bag of make up about with me.

So what to do? I’ve tried Primer (clarins, benefit (x2), shiesedo), I’ve tried sprays (hard candy), I’ve tried various foundations, light ones, tinted mouisturizers, sticks, powders, liquids, compacts, a mashup, different brands cheap, middle of the range, making you want to cry expensive, yet here I am, with the same predicament.

I used to put it down to the fact that I sat under the air-con units in the office, then  put it down to being pregnant.  But here I am, with a nearly two year old, and it’s still happening.  Every morning I put it on, and by the time I’m back home I look up in my review mirror and already my nose is red, and my chin is shiny.

Yes, you could blame the weather (too hot, too cold, to windy, to wet), but then, even if I touch up, I sit at my computer for the rest of the day AND IT’S GONE AGAIN!

It’s not just foundation either, my mascara seems to disintegrate, my eyeliner vanishes (except for little unflattering smudges under my eyes), my lipstick doesn’t even make it out of the front door.

WHY?! Is it something I’m doing? (what could I be doing?), or is it just that I haven’t found the right brand?

I guess this isn’t really a blog post – it’s a plea – what make up do you use? What primer? What tips can you give me?

Skincare Love


I’ve always been complimented on my skin, and I’m always surprised by it.  Partly because I always think I look haggard, but partly because even though I love skin care,  I’m a little bit lazy.

I’m not lazy when it comes to product selection, In fact I’m a bit of a tart when it comes to flitting.  Whilst I’ve always been pretty loyal to my favourite brands, especially when it comes to Skincare and Foundation, our relationships only tend to last a year or so and then something happens which makes me move onto somebody else.  I guess that’s another reason I cancelled my Glossybox.  I felt like I was cheating on my favourite brand.

It was around Christmas time when I discovered that the spots – I’d  never had proper spots until that month when I was 29 – were down to the fact that my chin and the Elemis Skincare range had decided to fall out.  I went from glowing skin to spotty.  I’d initially put it down a to variety of reasons including stress and stuffing ones face (and perhaps not enough water – you can never drink too much water to help your skin), but when I ran out of the cleanser before I’d got ’round to replacing it (don’t you hate it when that happens?), I stopped using it and the spots vanished.

Before Elemis I’d been a loyal user of Clinque, Clarins, Shisedo, Clarins, Simple and now my hero the b.right radiant skincare range by Benefit.



I love it. It doesn’t smell of anything, it doesn’t feel harsh, the eye gel is fab, and it just ROCKS.  I can also say, having a skin which leans towards being dry, the emulsion is amazing.

It’s also helped me get over my excuses, when it comes to a lazy routine. In the morning I’m fine.  Every morning I’ll go through the motions, I even enjoy it, feel fresh and invigorated for the day, but it’s bedtime I have the problem.  I try so so hard to take my make up off before bed, but I’m rubbish.  I don’t like to do it until after dinner for some reason, I guess in case the door goes and I don’t want the neighbours to see JUST HOW BAD I LOOK.    Then I just collapse into bed.  Plus, I was convinced it actually used to make my skin feel greasy.  However, these days I have no such excuse, I just wake up with soft feeling skin.

Price wise, well personally I say “You can’t put a prize on feeling good about yourself” However, Mr Aimee has a different opinion.  Being naturally gorgeous (git) he has happily suggested the old “soap and water” method many a time, only to be met with a scowl which cannot be good for my frown lines.

Therefore, if I’m getting away with spending on it (no no no I DON’T hide it amongst the nappy pricing in my Boots on-line shop that would be WRONG), it’s not too bad value for money.  At about £16.50 for the Cleanser, £23.50 for Toning Lotion and Eye cream, and £26.50 for moisturiser I’d say it flits around the Clarins mark probably.

Plus.  The packaging matches my bathroom.  Just saying.


 This was not a sponsored post.  I’m just a skincare addict.