Aimee Horton

Injecting some Spring


I’m getting a bit fed up with spring teasing me.

Every day I make breakfast, lunch and dinner in my kitchen – well except the days I try and convince Mr Aimee to get a dirty pizza – and it looks out over my garden and over the tress.

I know when it’s spring time because I can go into my kitchen in bare feet and the sun shines in through the windows and the green of the trees against the bright blue sky put a spring in my step (see what I did there?).

But right now in April APRIL I am standing in my kitchen with slippers on my feet, rolling up my jumper JUMPER to do the washing up, the sleeves getting caught on the toaster as I refill it.

I’ve had enough.

I’m fed up of waiting for spring to come into my kitchen, so I’m taking matters into my own hands, and in just five easy steps here’s how:

1. Ensure there are always fresh flowers on the table


Tulips at Breakfast


2. Buy some new chopping boards, my old wooden ones are battered and faded, these bright ones will look great on the breakfast bar.








3. Use the boards to chop and prepare lovely yummy, bright bold food.

mediterranean vegetables in lots of yummy olive oil

mediterranean vegetables in lots of yummy olive oil

Chicken grilled on the BBQ (or under the grill if it's still raining!)

Chicken grilled on the BBQ (or under the grill if it’s still raining!)

4. Get a new toaster.  I feed 5 people most days of the weekend, yet I still have a 2 slice toaster…this red one will inject some much needed colour into a dark corner

4 slices at once!

4 slices at once!

5. Spring Clean.  I’ve been “waiting for the spring to come”, but maybe it’s waiting for me? Eurgh.

Sparkling, Bright and Clean

Sparkling, Bright and Clean

What about you? When do you know it’s spring and how are you going to make it hurry up for you?!


This is a sponsored post, but I still really want that toaster.

Oh Denim, Denim, Denim, Denim don’t leave me…


I know what you’re thinking, she’s already posted about how much she loves denim, and that was less then a year ago, but we’re moving into a new season, spring is in the air (YES IT IS!), and what with seeing a bit of sun the other week I am totally in the mood for breaking out of my coats and boots and moving into long sleeves and shoes.  I didn’t realise quite how obsessed I was with denim until two things caught my eye.

First…yet another reason I am beginning to get a little bit more obsessed with Michelle Williams.

The ever versatile denim shirt.


I totally intend to be rocking this look in May half term when we go away.  Black Bikini CLASSIC, Denim shirt CLASSIC, two classics combined, plus a cute hat and BOOM. You’re rocking summer. (I appreciate I sound a little enthusiastic here, but come on LOOK at the picture!).

Anyway, the second was I went shopping, and in true wardrobe obsessing style, I photographed and documented all my wish list for the summer.  What? You don’t all have a spreadsheet for clothes? Oh.

My current clothing crushes include these few pieces all from H! By Henry Holland (although, on doing this post, I’ve just discovered they’re discounted…this could get messy).

‘Daisy’ denim dress


Blue embroidered tie front denim shirt

Blue floral and denim shirtdress


All cute, all springy, all perfect with gladiator sandals and some nice knit wear.

Then, I made the almighty mistake of visiting ASOS and simply typing in DENIM.

Apart for being teased by an array of jeans and shorts, all of which I’m mentally deciding which will fit me, I also caught the eye of these few bad boys…

Oasis Denim Skater Dress

Minkpink Devotion Shirt in Denim and Crochet

American Apparel Denim Circle Skirt


I could go on.  In fact, I did, when I originally wrote this post, I realised I’d posted an option for 36 different denim items…and at the time I thought I was being restrained.

But I feel I must put down the mouse, and click away otherwise I will end up spending nappy money on denim.

Apart from jeans, what are your favourite denim items and why?


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