Aimee Horton

Chicken with Spinach and Coriander


Another AMAZING “Superfood” Curry.*

It may look a bit green, it may not look that tasty, but it actually tastes FANTASTIC.  Very yummy, very fresh, and I also LOVE that it’s good for you and I get to blend stuff.  I love to blend stuff. (more…)

Chilli Meatballs, Bistro Salad with a Chilli & Mango Dressing


This is one of my quick and easy meals, I try and keep the Jamie Oliver meatballs in the freezer all the time, however sometimes if I’m lazy I also buy the supermarket ones pre-made.  They hold together better than mine! 😉  I’m also very lazy and buy my dressing and salad ready made.  So I guess this isn’t a “cook” more of a “when I put together”. Er.  does that still count? (more…)